“Healing will always stand aside when it would be seen as threat.  The instant it is welcome it is there.  (M20)”

Affirmation:  “Welcome healing, and it will be there for you.”


This is yet another of the very reassuring passages that are prevalent in the Course.  We can be healed if we are not threatened by that healing.  We will often not recognize that we are threatened by healing; in fact, we think just the reverse.  Yet, if we are Course students, and we trust Jesus, we should look deeper for the meaning of this passage.

Elsewhere Jesus talks of precipitating a depression in an individual who is unprepared by a sudden healing.  He even talks of the possibility of suicide in such cases.  This is an extreme interpretation, but one that we would be wise to accept.  Sudden healing can be about as threatening to our belief system as anything we may encounter.

The more optimistic way to view this passage is to see that healing will be “there” when welcomed.  This is reassuring indeed, as we noted at the beginning of this reflection.  May we ask for healing, and may we welcome it when we are confronted by it.  Anything else is chosen by the mind for reasons that may remain obscure to us as long as we are in this world.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to understand that I am threatened by healing when I am not healed.  When the fear is gone, the healing will be present.

May I realize that there may be continuing symptoms, but the healing is real.  Thank you for leading me to understand this paradoxical statement from the Course.


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