Change of Mind

“Healing is the change of mind that the Holy Spirit in the patient’s mind is seeking for him.  (M20)”

Affirmation:  “Healing is a change of mind.


This passage summarizes the idea that we have been exploring for the last several days.  Healing comes about with a change of mind, a change from a desire for illness–external searching–to a desire for health.  Nowhere is this concept made clearer in the Course than in this one sentence.

It is clear here that the Holy Spirit is for health all the way.  Yet He will not stand between cause-and-effect, if our minds desire illness.  Even when we don’t recognize that we desire illness, this still is true.  It is frequently an unconscious choice.

Death would best come by just laying down the body as finished, its usefulness over (a Course concept).  There is not reason for a prolonged illness to overcome us at any time in our lives, unless we mistakenly think that this external searching will lead us to what we need to know.  And often it appears to do so.  The Course would not choose this for us, though.  The Course would choose health, and by reading such passages as this one, we can see that health is the choice of the Holy Spirit as well.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to realize that true healing is a change of mind, and that if continuing physical symptoms are present, it does not mean a lack of healing.

Thank you for the many healings that I have known in my life.  I know that all of them came from You.


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