“By definition, an illusion is an attempt to make something real that is regarded as of major importance, but is recognized as being untrue.  The mind therefore seeks to make it true out of its intensity of desire to have it for itself.  (M24)”

Affirmation:  “May I not seek illusions.”


This definition of illusion can be understood by many of us because of life situations in which we have tried to “fool ourselves” into believing, sometimes vehemently, something that is not true.  In our depths we often recognize that what we fervently want to believe is not true, because we may get a curious “stop” to our attempts to pray for this outcome.  If this happens to us, we would do well to reflect on what is actually at stake.

Illusions are prevalent in our world.  There is so much pain in even everyday life that we retreat from feverish dreams into an illusory world that seems–but only “seems”–better.  Somewhere is our deepest being we recognize that we are believing in an illusion, and we, somewhere, feel self-betrayed.  We do not often let this deeper understanding surface, though.  We may live for years with illusions that would have been left behind in the beginning if we had only turned to the Holy Spirit earlier.

The mind is very powerful, and it can seem to make an illusion true.  Such tactics are self-betraying in the long run, though.  We don’t want to believe a falsehood, and our intensity of desire for an illusion is the real culprit here.  The desire will abate when we recognize that we are fooling ourselves and when we turn to the Holy Spirit for more substantive consolation.  Then and only then will we be free to let the illusion fall away.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I leave illusions behind.  May I seek only what is true, only what I know in my depths is true.

If I have derived pleasure from believing my illusions, this has not been also without pain.  May I recognize that I do not want pain, and may I let my illusions leave me.


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