Lay Judgment Down

“Therefore lay judgment down, not with regret but with a sigh of gratitude.  Now are you free of a burden so great that you could merely stagger and fall down beneath it.  And it was all illusion.  Nothing more.  (M28)”

Affirmation:  “Lay down judgment and be free.”


A reassuring passage, as so many of the passages in the Course are.  We are bade to lay judgment down–to make no decisions for ourselves.  Can we really do this?  The Course elsewhere indicates that we should set our will at the beginning of the day to follow guidance, and then give thanks at the end of the day.  Then our decisions will be far more likely to be right.  The Course is always practical, and asking at every juncture may not always be practical (a Course concept).

It is calming to know that we have a Guide who will not fail.  This we can feel with gratitude.

The burden of trying to make judgments of what to do or say has always been extremely difficult for us.  And we learn now that doing so has all been illusion.  We don’t have to feel all alone in the universe.  We have a Guide, and His guidance is the Way that makes our life a calm and gentle experience.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I be led to lay judgment down forevermore.  I do know in my heart of hearts that judgment can only hurt me.  Let me be through with it forever.

Thank you for guiding me through the Holy Spirit.  When I follow His prompting, I know that I am always taking the right pathway.


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