“Now can the teacher of God rise up unburdened, and walk lightly on.  Yet it is not only this that is his benefit.  His sense of care is gone, for he has none.  (M28)”

Affirmation:  “walk lightly on”


This passage refers to turning over our decisions to the Holy Spirit.  We carry life more easily once we have done this, and we do not feel burdened, as if we are carrying a load on our backs.

Our sense of care is gone.  We walk lightly in the light.  These reassurances are worth their weight in gold.  Who would not wish to walk the earth in peace and calm that is not abated?

Why would we have a sense of care, when we have a Guide that is sure?  We must only ask that we be given the grace always to follow that guidance.  As we do follow that guidance, we become more and more reassured that it will always be there for us, and we drop our cares into the lap of God.


Dear Father/Mother,

I sincerely want to drop my cares and to walk lightly on.  I know that the only thing stopping this ease is my own reluctance to let my decisions be made by my Guide.

May today I turn over all decisions to a Higher Authority.  Then I know that those decisions will be in the best interests not only of myself, but everyone with whom I come in contact.


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