Relinquish Judgment

“It is not difficult to relinquish judgment.  But it is difficult indeed to try to keep it. . . .Teacher of God, this step will bring you peace.  Can it be difficult to want but this? (M28)”

Affirmation:  “May I not judge anyone or anything today.”


Judging puts an enormous pressure on us.  We feel bad, we hurt others, and we don’t see life realistically and accurately.  It is also one of the ways that we stray from our pathway to Awakening (a Course concept).

We can make the choice to stop being the arbitrator of good and evil.  We can turn to guidance for advice on how to live our lives.  We may not always interpret guidance accurately, because we are human, but we will normally see life much better when we are trying to relinquish judgment.

We want peace.  So what more advice do we need than that which is given in the Course?  Relinquish judgment, and peace is ours for the taking.  After we have asked, we receive–a biblical concept as well as one of the Course.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to be willing to relinquish judgment of my brothers and sisters, and teach me how to do this without exception.  I know that the real release is through following Your guidance, and I pray that I may have the willingness and flexibility to do so always.

Thank you for your help.  I need it today and every day.


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