Choose How We Would See the World

“What the world is, is but a fact.  You cannot choose what this should be.  But you can choose how you would see it.  Indeed, you must choose this.  (M29)”

Affirmation:  “Help me to see the world aright.”


This passage explains that what we see is an interpretation.  We can choose to interpret through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, or we can look upon devastation and feel badly.

The Course consistently asks that we look at ourselves first, making changes in ourselves rather than trying to change our brothers and sisters to fit the image that we have made of them.  If they have made mistakes (not “sinned”), then we forgive.  That is the way of the Course.  We remember that, regardless of how bad the situation looks, the wrongdoing has been perpetrated by someone who was doing the best that he could, given his view of the world.

So we choose how we see the world.  We do not judge its wrongs; we let the Holy Spirit do that.  We choose to look upon sinlessness, and in so doing, we are in the state of grace.  None of us could hope for more.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me, dear God, to see the world aright.  Help me to choose according to Your will.

May I be led to forgive my brothers and sisters for the mistakes that they have made.  And may I forgive myself for similar mistakes.  Always I see in them my own mistakes, or else I would not be able to recognize mistakes at all.  Help me to live peacefully amid what sometimes seems to be confusion.


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