Judge Not the Words that Come to You

“Gradually, he learns how to let his words be chosen for him by ceasing to decide for himself what he will say. . . .Judge not the words that come to you, but offer them in confidence.  (M54)”

Affirmation:  “May I offer the words that come to me in confidence.”


This passage explains that the Holy Spirit, if we listen with a keen ear, will indicate to us what to say.  This is not necessarily in a “voice,” but internally we have an indication of what to say.  We can misinterpret, especially if we are confused or mentally unstable, but if we are of sound mind, very soon we will be able to distinguish what is the Holy Spirit and what is not.

There are many ways that the Holy Spirit reaches us:  words spoken by a brother or sister that seem especially pertinent to our situation and cue us to words or behavior; a “feeling” that we should (or should not) say or do a certain thing; dreams; in rare cases, visions or hallucinations.  Sometimes words may come into our minds that seem a bit beyond us; we did not actually choose to “think” those things.  That is likely to be the Holy Spirit’s communication.

If we are diligent in following, the guidance will continue.  If we resist, the guidance will seem to cease until we are more willing.  The Holy Spirit does not force Himself upon anyone.  We receive best when we are in a relaxed manner and mood.  Tension may break the connection, because it makes us unsure of ourselves.  If we persist, the time will come shortly that we can be certain of the Holy Spirit’s communication.  But because God deals with all of us differently, depending upon what we are ready to accept, there can be no firm guidelines that fit everyone.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I always hear the words correctly that you wish me to say.  May I not doubt, and may I not make mistakes in speaking what You will.  May I not be confused in my thinking.

Your guidance is sure.  When I doubt, perhaps I am still relying on the ego.  May I not rely on the ego today.


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