“If you would be a savior, you must understand what needs to be escaped.  Salvation is not theoretical.  Behold the problem, ask for the answer, and then accept it when it comes.  Nor will its coming be long delayed.  All the help you can accept will be provided, and not one need you have will not be met.  (M65)”

Affirmation:  “Once I have asked for help, it will not long be delayed.”


Jesus gives us here a very optimistic group of statements.  “All the help you can accept” will be provided.  This fragment of a sentence notes that we ourselves may limit the help that we accept.  We do not have to limit this help, and it would be wise of us to encourage help from beyond ourselves when in a quandary.

We do need patience, but Jesus proclaims that the answer will not be long delayed.  Surely the delay can seem long to us, because our notions of time are not those of eternity.  But this delay is not actually long, and it is probable that Jesus is speaking in our terms when he says this.  He knows our impatience, and what seems “long” to us.  He does not mislead.  Our needs will be met, and soon.

This passage also suggests that some of our limitations are given us so that we can be saviors; we can understand what others are going through.  Certainly an individual who has experienced a given problem, and overcome it, is more likely to be able to help others.  Shortly after this assertion, Jesus says once again that his Course is not theoretical.  Elsewhere he has said that the Course is always practical.  We can see this most clearly when we have overcome a limitation, and thereby be ready to help our brothers and sisters with the same limitation.


Dear Father/Mother,

I ask for Your help today.  Jesus has promised that all the help that I need, once requested, will not be long delayed.  I claim this promise.

May You be with me today, especially when I feel my limitations.  May I be a savior to those who need me.  Thank You for guiding my thoughts, words, and actions.


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