A Teacher Who Cannot Make a Mistake

“Be glad you have a Teacher Who cannot make a mistake.  His answers are always right.  Would you say that of yours?  (M70)”

Affirmation:  “Are my answers always right?”


The Teacher here is the Holy Spirit.  And this is yet another prodding that we will follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The probing question, “Would you say that of yours?,” referring to the correctness of our answers, if insightful.  Certainly we know that we make mistakes, and that our answers about what to do in various situations are not always correct.  Indeed, they are perhaps more frequently wrong than right.  This is what behooves us to follow a higher guidance.

We have earlier indicated a number of ways that the Holy Spirit speaks to us.  Probably the most common is what we usually call intuition.  This means that we go against the teaching of this world, in that we are taught to rely on our judgment.  The Course counsels just the reverse, noting in significant passages that our judgment is frequently wrong because we cannot see the whole picture.


Dear Father/Mother,

Once again I find that I am negligent in always following the guidance that I receive.  I fall down when I don’t follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  May my understanding be honed so that I ascertain rightly, and may I then walk quietly and calmly into Your light.

Thank you for providing this sure guidance.  I have not always followed, but I have known of Your guidance for many years.  When I have followed Your guidance, I have been happy.


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