Decisions Wholly Devoid of Attack

“But the Teacher Who knows the truth has not forgotten it.  His decisions bring benefit to all, being wholly devoid of attack.  (M71)”

Affirmation:  “Be wholly devoid of attack.”


Here is a reason that the Holy Spirit, the “Teacher,” does so well in guiding us.  His answers are totally devoid of attack.  Our judgments, even when we are at our best, may have an edge of attack, often very subtle.  Our judgments can even be passive-aggressive, in which we do not directly confront another, but we attack then subtly by kind words that are not really kind.

Note that the Teacher’s truth brings benefit to all.  And that includes us as well.  So we are not wrong to see a selfish motive to following this guidance.  It helps us as well as our brothers and sisters.

We cannot stress too often the need to give up attack in all its forms.  Until we do, we are caught in the ego, for only the ego will attack.  May we pray to be free of the machinations of the ego, and to turn to our Teacher in as many times as would be practical.  Jesus does say elsewhere that we are not bade to ask the Holy Spirit’s advice constantly, as this is not practical.  We are bade to ask for guidance in the mornings and again at night, and to turn to the Holy Spirit at other times that are propitious.  Then our thoughts and actions will be well-placed.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to give up attack.  If I cannot reach this ultimate good, may I reach for love as long as I possibly can.  Only love is the way of the saved.

Be with me throughout the day today.  I know that I feel better when I have loved rather than attacked.  This is evidence that Your way is right for me.


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