The Practical

“To ask the Holy Spirit to decide for you is simply to accept your true inheritance.  Does this mean that you cannot say anything without consulting Him?  No, indeed!  That would hardly be practical, and it is the practical with which this course is most concerned.  (M

Affirmation:  “Be practical.”


Here is another entreaty to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.  Moreover, we are given specific guidelines:  Be practical, which means that we do not ask on a continual basis because that is not practical.

Our true inheritance is to submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  An inheritance is a gift, a mighty gift.  We are encouraged to realize the blessing that God has bestowed on us by giving us such a Helper.

The more often we turn to the Holy Spirit, with a willing mind and heart, the more He can do for us.  This does not negate the practical, but turning to Him as a matter of course becomes habitual the farther along the pathway of the Course we go.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to promise to turn to the Holy Spirit increasingly, but only in a practical manner.  I realize that this means that I don’t have to stop and ask at every juncture, but simply when the occasion seems right.  Thank you for assuring me that the practical is what A Course in Miracles wants to set forth.

Be with me as I go about my day.  Don’t leave me to wander helplessly, or to think that I wander helplessly.  May I know that help is always near, and may I  be open to accepting the help that is given me, freely and without any compunction.


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