Your Father Loves You

“God would be cruel if He let your words replace His Own.  A loving father does not let his child harm himself, or choose his own destruction.  He may ask for injury, but his father will protect him still.  And how much more than this does your Father love His Son?  (M71)”

Affirmation:  “My Father loves me.”


This passage seems to suggest the real reason that we sometimes think that we do not receive answers to our prayers.  The Course makes clear that we are always answered in our best interests, and our prayers may have asked for something that, in the long run, would be to our detriment.

The Holy Spirit, just like Jesus, is our Friend.  He will protect us in this sometimes chaotic world.  We have only to offer Him the slightest nod in His direction, and He tells us where to step next.

God is our Father/Mother.  He, like an earthly father (normally), wants only the best for us, His children.  He will protect us by sending the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to help us make our way in this world.  Then we will know the blessings that are truly intended for us.  We must pray for solutions to our difficulties.  We will not be disappointed, though God’s timetable in answering may not be our own.


Dear Father/Mother,

You know how often I have prayed for certain things in my life.  I do not know Your timetable, but I do pray that You will remove the barriers in me, if there are some, that hinder Your answer to my prayer.

Thank You for being there always for me.  If I ask amiss, help me to realize this  possibility, and to pray that You guide my prayers aright.


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