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Day Twenty Seven: The Apprehension of Levels of Experience

“Life, your humanity, is the variability.  Spirit, your oneness, is the constant.  Life is oneness extended into separation and variability through experience.  The elevated Self of form will be the expression of new life lived within the constant of wholeness but continuing to experience the variability of separation.  This is what you practice as you gather on the mountain top while remaining on level ground.  (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 200)”

Affirmation:  “Life is the variability.  Spirit is the constant.”


The apprehension of which Day Twenty Seven speak is not an apprehension of fearfulness, but a comprehension, an apprehension, of life itself.  We are asked to reach for life itself in all its variability.  We seek for variability through wholeness.  This is actually more familiar to us now than we realize, because in studying ACOL from the mountain top, while simultaneously remaining in our daily world, we have been experiencing two levels at once.  This is the basic reason why we were asked to go to the mountain top while not removing ourselves from daily life.

We experienced external life for many years in out past without the benefit of spirit.  Now we are beyond such evidence of limitedness.  We are experiencing life through the spirit as well as the mind.  We are experiencing the wholeheartedness that is the hallmark of A Course of Love.

To experience the human and the divine simultaneously is to be what we have actually always been:  Whole.  This is leading to the sustaining of the elevated Self of form, a basic tenet of ACOL.  We are heading toward an experience of variability within wholeness rather than within separation.  The biggest revelations are ahead of us.


Dear Father/Mother,

I welcome the chance to experience both my humanity as well as my spirit.  This is a new contribution of A Course of Love, and I find this concept enchanting.

May I learn in this period of 40 Days and 40 Nights all that the “mountain top” experience is meant to hold out to me.  Be with me as I seek.  Help me to learn through thoughts that I do not think, even as this trilogy that is A Course of Love has encouraged learning to cease, and observation and experience to continue as I walk further along my personal pathway..


ACIM Workbook Lesson for Day 120:

For morning and evening review:

I rest in God.

I am as God created me.


Day Twenty Six: Self-Guidance

“You can trust in your Self.  Will you?  By tending your garden you will develop this trust and prepare for your descent to level ground.

“Your self-guidance can be thought of as an internal compass.  It will not necessarily know the answers as each answer is sought, but if paid attention to, it will show you the way to knowing.  (A Course of Love:  Dialogues, p. 196)”

Affirmation:  “May I trust in my Self.”


We have often prayed for guidance from the Holy Spirit.  This was the way laid out for us in A Course in Miracles.  We may not have fully understood exactly Who the Holy Spirit was, but we knew that He was our true guidance, as the Course made clear.  Now we are led to understand that we can get guidance from our Self–the grander Self, not the little self of the ego.  We have traveled farther along the pathway.

Turn inward for this internal guidance of the Self.  This Self will lead us down the mountain top to level ground.

Previously, not only have we listened to the Holy Spirit, but we have sought external guidance from other teachers and books.  Now we reach inward, and we find the guidance that we have sought so fervently.   This Self-guidance is the way that we will come to know the one Self, the Self that we share with all the universe.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I come to know through listening to guidance from my Self.  May I never mistake the Self for the little self that is frequently informed by the ego.

Thank You for this logical progression, in the time of Christ-consciousness.  Our heretofore dependence upon the Holy Spirit is tempered by the understanding that we live in the time of Christ now.


ACIM Workbook Lesson for Day 119:

For morning and evening review:

Truth will correct all errors in my mind.

To give and to receive are one in truth.

Day Twenty Five: Tending Your Garden

“You are not what you once were.  You need not guard against an over-zealous ego-mind.  Your ideas in this time may sound crazy, even to your own ears.  Let them come.  Your feelings may be confused in one moment, crystal clear in the next.  Let them all come.  Your thought will slip from the sublime to the mundane.  Let them come.  (A Course of Love:  Dialogues, p. 194)”

Affirmation:  “May I accept my ideas and my feelings in this time of change.”


Jesus tells us that at this point in our progress we may feel an emptiness of mind, that the mind may be still.  This is probably a new experience for us, and we are not to resist it.  This relaxed attitude is what tending the garden is all about.  We ought to let our mind wander as it will, relaxed or uptight.  This is a period of transition, but the stillness is the hallmark of the progress that we have made.

We are encouraged to be reflective, to sort and to cull.  This metaphor continues the image of tending the garden.  It is not yet time for the harvest.  It is a time for gathering, a time of preparation–but not of waiting.

We are not to try to sort things out with the mind, which is far too small to understand the totality of what we are experiencing.  Don’t ask, “What am I looking for?”  Just relax and realize that we are tending our garden.  More will come later.


Dear Father/Mother,

This day seems to be a time of confusion for me.  In the past, I wanted to clear away any confusion as soon as possible.  Let me now be patient with the confusion, knowing that I am being prepared for better things, better ways of living.

May I tend my garden well today.  Thank You, as always, for Your easy guidance.


ACIM Workbook Lesson for Day 118:

For morning and evening review:

God’s peace and joy are mine.

Let me be still and listen to the truth.

Day Twenty Four: Potential

“When it was said that A Course of Love was a trigger, it was meant that the course is both a trigger of choice and a trigger of nature.  It was meant to convey the action of a catalyst.  Now it is up to you whether you allow your true nature to be revealed.  (A Course of Love:  Dialogues, p. 192)”

Affirmation:  “May I allow my true nature to be revealed.”


We have spent a lifetime struggling against our true nature.  Day Twenty Four asks us to just “stop.”  This chapter says that we are the caterpillar, the cocoon, and the butterfly, and that all are part of our nature.  We have the potential to turn into butterflies by the power of our will.  We are bade to do just this.

Our true nature is more the aspect of the butterfly than the caterpillar or the cocoon.  We are meant to awaken, and to become all that we can be.

It is the nature of spirit to become.  This is why we are always stretching to our limits.  Now we ought to do what we can to realize our potential, the butterfly.  The Self remains all of our various facets, but the butterfly is the epitome.  Our will is the greatest of all triggers to effect this transformation.


Dear Father/Mother,

You know that the image of the butterfly has called to me since I was 23 and on a trip to Italy.  I didn’t know then all that this image could mean, but now I see more clearly.  Many have used the image of the butterfly to imagine rebirth, and now You see it as Awakening.

Thank You for this chapter.  I am reassured that my own nature can shine through, regardless of what might happen on any given day.  May I become all that it is in my nature to become.  And thank You for helping.


AC IM Workbook Lesson for Day 117:

For morning and evening review:

God, being Love, is also happiness.

I seek but what belongs to me in truth.

Day Twenty Three: Carrying

“Forget not that who you are is what you are here to make known and that thus, you must be a being who knows love without fear, joy without sorrow, and life everlasting.  You must be this.  A Course of Love gave you the understanding you needed in order to realize that you are this.  The treatises gave you a way to apply this understanding.  This dialogue is meant to give you the means to carry what you have been given.  (A Course of Love:  Dialogues, p. 190)”

Affirmation:  “May I come to understand what I truly am.”


“Carrying” within the knowledge that we have experienced is our way Home.  When we carry within what we have experienced on the mountain top, we will be ready to take our place on level ground once again, with our brothers and sisters who have not yet made the trek to the mountain top.

Jesus reminds us that surrendering within is actually surrendering to our own will.  As we learned in A Course in Miracles, God’s will is actually our own.  We are never coerced.

Carrying these truths within will ready us to reach outward to this world.  The new will be birthed through us.  But we are never alone.  We do not have to feel burdened by a responsibility to carry the good news to our brothers and sisters.  Our life in the future will be a joy that is the truth of Christ-consciousness.

Dear Father/Mother,

May I come to understand all that Jesus has been saying to me.  Thank You for the guidance that I am finding in what I am reading.  May I not be burdened or frustrated by my progress or lack of progress.  Once begun, the end of the journey is certain.  May I rest easy in that knowledge.

May I know the joy that You hold out to me.  I so want to feel this joy continually.  May I not feel what I have learned, and what I have come to understand without learning, as a burden.  May I know that You are always near to help me take up my responsibilities in this world.


ACIM Workbook Lesson for Day 116:

For morning and evening review:

God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.

I share God’s Will for happiness for me.

Day Twenty Two: Channeling

“You are life, and you are also surrounded by living forces channeling to you constantly.  (A Course of Love:  Dialogues)”

Affirmation:  “May I listen to the guidance that surrounds me.”


Day Twenty Two makes clear that all of us are channels to the unknown.  We choose that which we express.  The channeling goes on all the time.  What each person expresses is unique to that individual.  Each person can bring forth only that which is expressly his or hers to bring forth.

Every choice is a mean of channeling.  This makes clear the closeness of our world to other worlds beyond us.  We are not, however, simply intermediaries between our world and other worlds.  The channeling which we express would come into being only by our own choice, our own means of expression.

We can know God better in this unique way.  We can, through channeling, through expression of the unknown as we come to see it, make known the love of God to individuals in this world.  When we do this, we are making known love in its purest form.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to be aware, constantly, of the impact of an unseen world on my own personal surroundings as well as this world in general.  Thank You for the clear statement of this great boon.  We are never alone.  Forces from beyond reach out to us and comfort us.  Thank You.

May I discern wisely the channeling that comes to me. A Course of Love does not say that we have to discern spirits, but through the years I have believed that.  Be with me as I assimilate the new insight of ACOL, and if I must discern spirits, please guide me rightly in this endeavor.


ACIM Workbook Lesson for Day 115:

For morning and evening review:

Salvation is my only function here.

My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.

Day Twenty One: The Reversal

“No intermediary is needed when you exist in union.  It is recognized that the knowledge, wisdom, guidance, or information that is needed each moment is available within each moment and that the interaction, rather than being one of taking something from an outside source into the self where it is learned and then regurgitated or even applied, has given way to an interaction that begins within and extends outward.  (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 186)”

Affirmation:  “May I exist in union.”


Day Twenty One elaborates upon the previous day’s commentary  We are led to understand more completely that we cannot rely upon external sources for the truth.  We are led to realize that we cannot even rely upon Jesus to impart the truth to us.  We must reach inward, and in dialogue with the Self that is the All of us, we will come to know.  This will not be an external seeking, but an internal transition to relying on the Self.

Jesus is preparing us to cease thinking of him as our teacher.  He has said in these commentaries that he is our companion, but he is resigning as our teacher.  We are not to look outside ourselves for the answers, but to turn inward.  Ideas such as these are reiterated throughout the Forty Days and Forty Nights.

Life itself is a channel, and we are constantly both receiving and giving.  There is nothing channeled to one that is not always available to all others.  Teacher and learner are equal, an idea that was presented in A Course in Miracles; in ACIM, though, it was said that only time separated the teacher from the learner, because the teacher  temporarily knew more, and was therefore in a position to help.  In these concluding chapters to A Course of Love, we are led to realize that time no longer separates the teacher from the learner.  We have walked farther along the pathway.  We are assuming Christ-consciousness for ourselves.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for reassurance that I have come farther along on the pathway, and that union with the Self that I am will answer my questions.  I want to be in union with You.  I do not want separation any longer.  Help me to know union with You.

Thank You for the spectacular promise of this day.  I do not have to rely on external sources, but I only need to turn inward to You and the Self that I am.


ACIM Workbook Lesson for Day 114:

For morning and evening review:

I am spirit.

I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.