Day One from the “Dialogues” of “A Course of Love”: Accept Me

“This has been spoken of as the second coming of Christ because my story goes unfulfilled without your fulfillment.  It is only in your fulfillment of the continuing story of creation that my story reaches completion.  (A Course of Love:  Dialogues, p. 90)”

Affirmation:  “May I know my fulfillment.”


This “Day One” represents the first of 40 days and nights on a “mountain top” with Jesus as our guide.  In this chapter of the Dialogues, Jesus makes a comparison of these 40 days and nights with his own 40 days and nights in the desert, prior to the beginning of his mission on earth 2,000 years ago.  We are to become what he became.

Jesus stresses that it matters not what we call “God,” because God knows who He is.  But acceptance of Jesus as our guide is necessary; it explains that this is just the way it is in salvation.  This tenet of A Course of Love, the Dialogues, will be difficult for some of us to accept, perhaps, but if we realize that in A Course in Miracles we have already accepted Jesus as our guide, we will be less resistant.

We are meant to become all that Jesus was.  His was the example life.  We do not have to go through what he experienced, because that was for him alone.  But we do have to accept him as our guide.  Then we will be well on our way to recognizing that indeed this is the time of the second coming of Christ.  We are meant to embody that second coming as we elevate our self of form to the elevated Self.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I wholeheartedly accept Jesus as my guide.  May I drop any resistance that I have ever had around this idea.  On this Easter morning, may I choose the best for my future, and may I realize that Jesus is a part of my personal future.

Thank You, dear God, for leading me to love better.  As I go to the mountain top with Jesus over the next 40 days, may I know a resurrection that only You can bring to me.


A Course in Miracles:  Workbook Lesson for Day 94:

I am as God created me.



7 thoughts on “Day One from the “Dialogues” of “A Course of Love”: Accept Me

  1. ACOL has been a companion of mine for many years. I feel its ideas have brought a real “wholeheartedness” to my experience of life.

    I have been through the 40 days many times. And each time this directive to “accept Jesus” causes a visceral resistance in me. It did so today as I read Day One for the umpteenth time.

    And yet, in spite of that, I have always continued on. And everything I said in the first paragraph above is true.

    So there you go.

    I’m happy to have discovered this blog and hope to continue to follow it.

    • Dear Joe,

      Your reaction to accepting Jesus is very similar to what Helen Schucman, who scribed “A Course in Miracles.” I learned this from “Absence from Felicity,” written by Kenneth Wapnick.

      Just yesterday I read a Bible lesson written by my college roommate for a conference of her church denomination. She was commenting on the biblical passage, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes unto the Father but by me.” She believed that her readers would find this difficult to believe, as there are many seemingly legitimate ways to God in the various religions of this world.

      I think that, for us, as students of “A Course in Miracles,” the answer lies in the fact that Jesus said there that contemplation would work eventually, but that it was tedious, and that it was not our way–because we have chosen the Course. And choosing the Course means that we have chosen Jesus as our guide.

      I believe that, in the same way, “A Course of Love” is meant to be for those who have chosen Jesus as their guide.

      Many thanks for your comment. I would welcome a return comment from you about this question.

      Most cordially, Celia

      • When I was in my late teens and early twenties (I’m 51 now) I was a dedicated born-again Christian of the fundamenalist kind. Went to a Bible College, studied to be a minister, taught in a missionary Christian School in Puerto Rico–the whole nine yards!

        One day I just walked away from all that and never looked back. My Spiritual journey after that led me eventually to ACOL.

        When Day One tells us we must “accept Jesus,” it kind of takes me back viscerally to those born-again beliefs and all that goes along with that. Accepting Jesus as an authoritarian Lord and Savior who will save me from my sins and keep me from hell. I guess I don’t like that feeling.

        I know intellectually that this is not what we are being called to here. Nevertheless, those feelings arise.

        However, I don’t feel this has been a stumbling block. I think I’ve experienced it somewhat as Mari suggests–As accepting the voice of Christ-consciousness, Oneness, etc.

        Somehow, the second day’s directive that “accepting me is accepting your Self” kind of brings it together for me and supercedes those feelings I mentioned of being dragged back to my conservative Christian days.

        Hope that helps explain where I’m coming from here.

  2. I love this affirmation and prayer.

    It’s brave of you to mention this controversial point about needing to accept Jesus. I worried a little over that myself. But over time I’ve come to see it a little differently than I did at first.

    Right after that comment you mention – the one where it is said that it doesn’t matter what we call “God” because God knows who he is – Jesus says it’s man, it’s humanity, it’s us who haven’t known who we are. And then that “It is through me that this knowing can be returned.” I know this isn’t stated outright, but I see this acceptance as acceptance of the knowing of Christ (of Christ consciousness or the consciousness of unity rather than separation). I mean, who is Jesus ultimately but The Christ – that unity consciousness embodied?

    I mentioned The Prelude of ACOL in my last comment and this is a good example of where I got my feeling of that initial chapter containing the whole:

    “The Christ in you is that which is capable of learning in human form what it means to be a child of God. The Christ in you is that which is capable of bridging the two worlds. This is what is meant by the second coming of Christ. … This is a course to establish your identity and to end the reign of the ego.”
    (ACOL P. 7-8)

    This Course is all about switching our identity from the ego (what we made) to our Christ Self (what God made). How beautifully this idea goes with your ACIM Lesson: “I am as God created me.”

  3. Thank you Mari … for pointing me to this site, and thank you Celia for blogging the Forty Days and Forty Nights. I too shall join as often as I can, and look forward to a whole new experience this time around … it always is isn’t it? Funny thing that!

    I also want to say that just yesterday I watched a History Channel program covering the very latest scientific discoveries about the Shroud of Turin. I was blown away. The scientsits conclude that the shroud is auththentically from that time. And while they acknowledge that they cannot ever ‘prove’ the following – they have demonstrated that the only way the negative photographic image on the shroud could only have been created is by a literal explosion of light at the cellular level. And they truly believe this happened at the moment of transformation “from death to light” … to quote the scientist who spoke with tears in his eyes!

    I’d ben in tears for a while, watching the program, and at that moment my little hairs stood up – it happens when I’m hearing a deep truth.

  4. Dear Christina,

    I hope that I will find that Mystery on the History Channel.

    Earlier I had read that the Shroud of Turin could only be dated by carbon dating to early medieval times.

    Thank you for sharing. Do reply if you feel led to do so.

    Most cordially, Celia

  5. Dear Celia … you’re right, that had been the case until now (the early medieval times dating) … and this program shows a very different conclusion – done with ‘radiocarbon’ dating, and unveiled by scientists just last month.

    The program airs again on the History Channel “The Real Face of Jesus?” Saturday, Apr 10, 5/4c

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