Day Four: The New Temptations

“I must realize that here is where fear must be totally replaced by love.  If you fear to go where the portal of access will take you, you will not go.  Thus your desire needs to be greater than your fear.  Love needs to reign.  Love of self and love of your brothers and sisters, love of the natural world, of the world of form that is, love of the idea of the new world that can be, all of these must come together and be victors over the reign of fear.  (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 113).

Affirmation:  “May my fear be totally replaced by love.”


The “new temptations” meant in this title are two:  real choice and access.  These are not negatives, but goals toward which we wish to go.  We are leaving behind the time of learning, so that we learn through “thoughts that we do not think,” as a child does, and as early man and woman did–before language entered into our experience.

We must now want union in relationship to our brothers and sisters and our God more than anything else.  We must find acceptance of ourselves, despite our anger or our depression, or anything else that seems to be imperfect.  We are told that we do not have to be perfect, and we are reminded of the Prodigal Son, who surely did not feel perfect when he returned to his father.  He only needed to accept the father’s love.  That is our situation now.  And unity is within ourselves; our God is within.

The portal of access is love and only love.  Nothing else will do at all.  This is the portal that here on the mountain top, we will discover with Jesus.  We are only just beginning our 40 days and nights with him on the mountain top.  More is to follow.  But we would do well to realize that perfection is not required of us.  Acceptance of love as the only way is.  Fear must be left behind forever, and when we have done that, we will be Home.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I recognize that, like the Prodigal Son, I do not have to be perfect to be accepted by Jesus, to reach the heights that the mountain top experience is meant to bring to me.  I may resist this concept, and so please guide my thoughts and feelings so that it is acceptable to me.

May I be united with love.  May I drop fear.  These are perhaps my two greatest needs, and these build on A Course in Miracles and are further explained to me now in A Course of Love.  Thank You for helping me to devote my life and myself to love.


ACIM Workbook Lesson for Day 97:

I am spirit.

2 thoughts on “Day Four: The New Temptations

  1. Christina Strutt

    Wholehearted desire … acceptance … and moving on in discovery! As I read this time around, I feel different. No pencil in hand. And reading much of it out loud to myself … listening to my voice. Is the ime of delay passed indeed? xo

    1. celiaelaine Post author

      Dear Christina,

      May I post your comments on the web site, the “Miracle Cafe.” The administrator of that site encouraged me to post there, and there are many page views per day (over 2,000).

      Many thanks for your comments. I encourage you to comment on a continual basis.

      Most cordially, Celia


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