Day Seven: Conditions of the Time of Acceptance

“Certainty is a condition of the present.  Realize you may say you are certain of the future or the past but that you cannot make it so.  Thus your ability to maintain and then sustain your access to union and thus your certainty, goes hand-in-hand with your ability to live in the present.  This ability is also contingent upon your recognition of what certainty really is.  (A Course of Love:  Dialogues)”

Affirmation:  “May I live in the present in certainty.”


We are now supported in our progress toward Christ-consciousness.  In truth, we have always been supported, but fear blocked our awareness of this support.  Love will now let us see that we always have support from the divine.  When we were learning, we felt that effort was required, and we did not feel support.  But we are beyond this time of learning now, and the support that we have always longed for will be there for us to experience.  We are now in the time of discovery, and we will learn through “thoughts that we do not think.”

We are in a time of expansion, so that once the elevated Self of form has occurred, we will create a new world, a new universe.  Living in this new universe will be as natural as breathing.

Our doubt will be replaced with certainty.  We really have nothing to worry about, nothing at all.  The union with the divine is ours to behold.  Accept and be assured.  And focus on living in the present at all times.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to understand the certainty in which You would have me live.  Help me to live in the present, knowing that if there are plans to be made, I will be told of them in the present always.

I long for this elevated Self of form.  Help me to move ever closer to this reality of Christ-consciousness.  Thank you for your constant abidingness with me.


ACIM Workbook Lesson for Day 100:

My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.

2 thoughts on “Day Seven: Conditions of the Time of Acceptance

  1. Mari Perron

    The condition of support is such a comforting one to highlight in this reflection. I just wonder if it needs to be said that Jesus is highlighting, in this chapter, the “new” conditions under which we live when we no longer live in fear. He talks of many of these conditions as replacements for former conditions. One of my favorites is the replacement of control with grace.

  2. celiaelaine Post author

    Dear Mari,

    So many times now I hear my friends say that a person is “controlling.” I never used to hear that, but it is a refrain of our era. Perhaps we are just coming to understand that people have always been controlling of each other, but now we accept it no longer.

    This idea of grace is important. Thank you. We are living in the Age of Grace (and have been since Jesus’s time), but perhaps only now do we realize how much this holds out for us. Perhaps we can even “gracefully” accept the tendencies of our families and friends to be controlling. We do not have to be combative about it. All of us are doing the best we can, given our level of understanding.

    Love, Celia


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