Day Eleven: Christ-Consciousness

“Christ-consciousness is the awareness of existence through relationship.  It is not God.  It is not man.  It is the relationship that allows the awareness that God is everything.  It has been called wisdom, Sophia, spirit.  It is that without which God would not know God.  It is that which differentiates all from nothing.   (ACOL Dialogues, p. 154)”

Affirmation:  “Christ-consciousness is seen in relationship of myself to everything.”


This one passage helps to explain why separation from God, and our return to Him, was necessary in the first place.  If God is within (as well as without), then He could know Himself only in separation from the Whole.  But it is in the rejoining in unity and relationship that makes Christ-consciousness what it is.

The words, “unity and relationship,” are used repeatedly in A Course of Love.  They are so repeated that their meaning may be lost, unless we take care to understand fully at the outset.  We are one in unity with our brothers and sisters, and we are one in relationship to them–being that two or more are held together in relationship.  Thus the phrase, “unity and relationship,” is the central point without which Christ-consciousness could not function.

We are one heart, one mind, one Self–but seemingly fragmented into parts.  This is an illusions, but this fragmentation is the only way that God can experience Himself.  The All must separate and then see Itself in those separate, but united parts.  While this may be hard for us to wrap our finite minds around, here is one of the secrets of salvation, one of the philosophical tenets around which A Course of Love is built.  We know Christ-consciousness when we have rejoined our brothers and sisters in unity, but kept them close to use in our relationship to them.  This knowing is a celestial event of the highest magnitude.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I offer myself in service to the All that is You.  I am in relationship to that All, and I will know Christ-consciousness only as I accept this relationship.  I would accept this relationship now.

Thank You for guiding me in this shift in perception, this miracle.  I would know the elevated Self of form, and I will endeavor to turn to You often today, so that I may remain close to this new reality.


ACIM Workbook Lesson for Day 104:

I seek but what belongs to me in truth.

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