“You Need Not Have Tribulation”

‘In this world you need not have tribulation, because I have overcome the world.  That is why you should be of good cheer.  (ACIM, T56)” Affirmation:  “I need not have tribulation.” Reflections: 1 – Jesus Is Our Savior My interpretation is that Jesus sees himself as our Savior (an oft-repeated statement of faith by believers),… Continue reading “You Need Not Have Tribulation”

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When Jesus Is Our Guide

“This is a course in miracles.  It is a required course.  Only the time you take it is voluntary.  (ACIM, T1)” Similarly, A Course of Love makes the same assertion:  “This curriculum is mandatory and so some have rebelled and will rebel against it.  (The Treatises of A Course of Love:  A Treatise on the… Continue reading When Jesus Is Our Guide