A Note on Being

“You have returned to your true nature.  Perhaps you will remember that within A Course of Love you were once asked to ‘Imagine the ocean or the cheetah, the sun or the moon or God Himself, attempting to learn what they are.  They are the same as you.  All exist within you.  You are the universe itself.’  (A Course of Love: Dialogues, p. 248)”

Affirmation:  “I have returned to my true nature.”


Our struggles are over.  We have returned to level ground from the mountain top after Forty Days and Nights with Jesus.  We will live in love henceforth.  We will simply be.  For awhile, we may be conscious of trying to “become,” but this will fade as we relax into being.  We are told by Jesus to expect heaven on earth.

Our joy, which will be ever-increasing, is not selfish, for we take our brothers and sisters with us in unity and relationship (the hallmark words of A Course of Love).  Our futures are up to us.  The possibilities are all ours.

Perhaps we still wonder a bit if we are truly ready, but Jesus asserts that we are.  He did not intend for us to take a trek up the mountain top repeatedly, but to accept his words, and to realize that we are now ready.  We will be happy and contented.  We will know, unerringly, how to act naturally from our being.

If we still worry about errors that are in ourselves, we will simply acknowledge that we want them gone, and they will be gone.  We are as accepting of ourselves as we have been of Jesus.  We approach our days with love, and this is sufficient.  Our quest now is for love’s expression–nothing more.  An endless quest for love’s extension is eternity itself.  We know now how to respond in love, for we are love, being.

Thus ends our Forty Days and Forty Nights on the mountain top with Jesus.  If we are ready to accept his promise, we are ready to embrace Christ-consciousness.  Perhaps it will not come al at once; perhaps we will have glimpses, perhaps for a long while yet.

But be reassured, just as A Course in Miracles reassures.  Once begun, the end is certain.  We will know God, we will know Jesus, we will know our brothers and sisters, and we will know ourselves.

Note:  With these reflections this day, the Forty Days and Forty Nights in the A Course of Love: Dialogues are concluded.  Later on, reflections will focus on the second volume of ACOL, with the Treatise on the New.  These reflections will begin on Saturday, May 22.

In the meantime, there will be miscellaneous postings on both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.


Dear Father/Mother,

Thank You for finding in Mari a person who would accept the task of channeling a new message from Jesus.  May we accept, gradually, all that we can from this new message.  May we be patient with ourselves if we do not immediately find the joy that Jesus promises.  May we anticipate in faith that his promises are true, that we will know the joy of a new reality in this world.

Perhaps this world is not yet ready for the truths of A Course of Love.  I pray that the messages held within, if true, are accepted sooner rather than later.  And I do believe that these messages are true.  Thank You for taking our hand and leading us to the promise of a better future.


ACIM Workbook Lesson for Day 134:

Let me perceive forgiveness as it is.

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