The Forgotten Self

“Although God never abandoned the humans who seeded the Earth, the humans, in the state of the forgotten self, could not know God because of their fear.  (The Treatises of A Course of Love:  “A Treatise on the New,” 2.4)”

Affirmation:  “May I lay fear aside and know God.”


This passage amplifies upon the oft-stated words in A Course in Miracles that fear and love are the only two emotions.  The ego has ruled fear, and we have been caught by the ego for eons.  Now, in both books, the hope is that we will relinquish the ego and move into love as our single emotion.

Having love as a single emotion does not mean that we will never feel negative emotions.  Elsewhere in A Course of Love, we learn that we may continue to experience anger, but if we don’t like this, we can (as A Course in Miracles says), see this as a mistake and drop the emotion from our list.

Our channels to God’s love had been closed to Him (an ACIM concept).  Now we must, once again, realize that God is a loving God, and that His will does not include the visitation of pain and suffering upon ourselves.  We have done this (an ACIM concept), and we can choose to undo it.  May we choose to undo it today.


Dear Father/Mother,

As we revisit the passage for today, may we realize that we could not know God as long as we allowed fear to rule.  May we drop fear from our repertoire of emotions.  May we know only love.  And if this is too much for us to assimilate today, may we make inroads on this accomplishment.

I wish for a good day of love with no fear.  May I recognize that if I find attack, I have in some way chosen a fearful state of experience.  May I drop fear from my perception, and because projection makes perception, may I now and always move closer to the love that is Yours.


ACIM Workbook Lesson for Day 152:

The power of decision is my own.


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