“Seeing with the vision of Christ-consciousness is already upon you.  You are in the process of learning what it means.  This treatise is here to help you do so.  (The Treatises of A Course of Love:  ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 2.33)”

Affirmation:  “May I see the vision of Christ-consciousness.”

This passage clarifies the point of transition.  We are ready for Christ-consciousness, but we may still have questions, and it is these questions that the “Treatise on the New” seeks to explain to us.

Certainly no transition is without bumpy spots.  Neither will this one.  But it can be effortless if we give ourselves to it wholeheartedly, as Jesus asks in the first volume of the series of A Course of Love.  We are used to hearing the Holy Spirit, and most of us are used to rejecting His advice from time to time, even when we know in our deepest being that what He bids us say or do is the right choice.

Now we will take the next step into the time of Christ.  We will follow our inner knowing without the struggle that we sometimes experienced when trying to follow the Holy Spirit.  Previously, we were often weak, often indecisive, when the Voice of the Holy Spirit asked us to say or do something that made us uncomfortable.  Jesus described this situation well in A Course in Miracles.  He even said that what the Holy Spirit bade us to say or do might be embarrassing to us.  But this, he said, was a misperception coming from a “shabby self-perception,” and would best be left behind.  All of us have struggled with this advice, sometimes with more success, sometimes with less.

Now we are at the point of allowing the guidance that we receive to be received unconsciously, if we so will.  God has promised this; Jesus has passed the Word along to us in A Course of Love.  This becomes the effortless way that we will live in the future, once we have accepted the promise of all that this way of life holds out to us.  This is the essence of living in Christ-consciousness.  Let us not allow indecisiveness to delay us further.  May we accept this promise today.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I see the vision of Christ-consciousness today.  May I know what lies ahead for me, if I follow what Jesus has been saying to me.  May I offer the words that he gives to me without embarrassment, and may I listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit until such time as my guidance is received internally, without any strain at all.

Be with me today as I seek to leave attack, judgment, and unneeded planning of the future behind.  When I have done that, I will know that God will be willing to take the final step for me to reach Christ-consciousness.  Thank you.


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