The Final Judgment

“Once all has been judged with the vision of love, judgment is over naturally for it has served its purpose.  This is the final judgment.  (The Treatises of A Course of Love:  ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 3.8)

Affirmation:  “May I be judged with the vision of love today.”


Finally we have a definition of the final judgment!  ACIM also tells us that it is nothing to fear, that it will be carried out (and welcomed by us) by Jesus, with the help of our brothers (and sisters).

When we see all in love, we recognize that indeed there is no need for judgment.  There is also, as stated elsewhere in ACIM, no real need for forgiveness, either–for we have moved beyond it.  But in this world, we still do need experience and to express forgiveness, for it is the way that the ego cannot touch.  The way out of the bind in which we find ourselves.

So much of fear and the ego has been made of the concept of the final judgment.  Many cringe in fear at this wholly benign concept.  God’s Son (and Daughter) is innocent.  There is no reason for denunciation.  All are chosen (a tenet of both ACIM and ACOL).


Dear Father/Mother,

I used to fear the Final Judgment.  But Jesus’s words make it such a benign concept, so loving and right.  Thank You for this new understanding.

May today I eliminate my own judgments from my life.  It is not up to me to judge my brothers and sisters.  May I remember this all day today.


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