Matter – Divine?

“Continuity is an attribute of relationship, not of matter.  It is only in the relationship of  matter to the divine that matter can become divine and thus eternal.  If you can abide in unity while in human form, you will have no cause, save your own choice, to leave human form.  (The Treatises of A Course of Love:  A Treatise on the New, 4.15)”

Affirmation:  “Matter can become divine.”


This statement is not a call to believe in the immortality of the physical form that we occupy today.  It is, rather, a belief that we choose the moment of our death.  We do not live blindly buffeted by fate in such matters.  Jane Roberts, an early psychic who channeled Seth, said much the same thing.  We live our charts of our lives, and we exit from this life when we have chosen.  This puts us in the driver’s seat.

The truth of this interpretation is clear, it seems to me, in the opening sentence:  “Continuity is an attribute of relationship, not of matter.”  We do not choose to continue matter indefinitely, but we do often choose to continue the relationships that we have begun here.  At least this is my belief.

A Course in Miracles says that it is the goal of all relationships to become holy, and so we will transform our special relationships while in this world or, perhaps, in the next.  All who meet will meet again, to make of their relationship a holy one.  What a blessing this is!


Dear Father/Mother,

May I choose to make all my relationships holy.  May You help me to do this.  Only with Your help is it possible.

May I choose to see the eternal in my physical body, the elevated Self of form.  May I know this great blessing in my interactions today.


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