How to Be Reborn

“To believe that you are mortal is to believe that you must die to the personal self of form in order to be reborn as a true Self.  (The Treatises of A Course of Love:  ‘ A Treatise on the New,’ 4.16)”

Affirmation:  “reborn as a true Self”


How often we lament the minor and major health problems that beset us!  But ACOL would have us deemphasize these problems of form.  When we are reborn as the true Self, the highs and lows of health of the form will diminish in value.  We will stop focusing on such, knowing that the Self is always healthy.

This passage highlights a frequent misinterpretation about life after death, which A Course of Love seeks to set straight.  We do not have to die to experience the rewards of Heaven.  We can enjoy Heaven’s benefits in the here and now, when we have experienced the diminution of the personal self (the “little” self, as I am interpreting it) and the rise of elevated Self of form.  To experience all the benefits of this new Self, we must forgive (an ACIM tenet), and we must love without reservations.  We must see ourselves as well as all of our brothers and sisters as innocent, or in grace (the latter, a statement occurring once in ACIM).  When we recognize that all are as God created us, then we know that our mistakes have not been unforgivable “sins,” but merely mistakes that we seek now to remedy.

This truth will be known to us when we become involved in something bigger than our little self of form.  The elevated Self knows better.  May we know better today.


Dear Father/Mother,

I would accept my birthright as a Self that has been encased in a little form, but which I would elevate to a higher Self.  Help me to forgive myself and all of my brothers and sisters today.  May I know only joy as I seek to do this task of forgiveness.

I am truly a guiltless Son/Daughter of God.  Once I realize this, I will know that as I seek to rectify my mistakes, they are taken from me.  And then I thank You that Heaven on earth can truly be experienced, even though I don’t know how in all the particulars.  Jesus has promised this in ACIM and ACOL, and I trust him as an elder brother who has walked the whole pathway back Home.


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