The Heart and Center of My Being

“The many forms are made one body through Christ-consciousness. . . .Awareness of this one Source of energy, and thus that this one energy exists in everything and creates the life in everything, is Christ-consciousness.  It is also what we have been referring to as heart and as the center of your being.  (The Treatises of A Course of Love:  ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 5.3)”

Affirmation:  “the heart of my being”


Surely we are aware that our heart is the center of our being.  Many, throughout the ages, have spoken of this.  A Course of Love joins mind and heart to “wholeheartedness,” and this is the ultimate.  We use our intellects, but we are not trapped by them.  We listen to the guidance that comes from within, and this is coming from the Divine within.  Then we are truly living in Christ-consciousness.

We are led back inward at every point.  We get the guidance that we need, then, to reach outward to our companions along the way, our brothers and sisters.

All is energy, the energy of God.  Matter is only a form of energy in which the vibrations have been slowed down.  Because of this slowness, things do not always happen suddenly.  The Now is always available to us, though, as Eckhart Tolle points out in The Power of Now.  We can have the Awakening that we long to have.  We have been prepared, and A Course of Love is one of Jesus’s avenues to show us the way.  ACOL builds on the previous understandings of A Course in Miracles.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I know today that my heart is the center of my being.  May this bring me ever-closer to Christ-consciousness.

Thank You for always being there for me.  I say this often.  You do not need to hear it, but I need to say it.  Thank You for Your manifold blessings.


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