Our Rebellion from God = Mutually Chosen

“Your rebellion was not allowed, it was mutually chosen.  (The Treatises of A Course of Love:  ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 8.11)”

Affirmation:  “May I choose to heal the rebellion today.”


This concept from A Course of Love is at least relatively new; I have not read of it before, but of course there are many New Age writings of which I am unaware.  There is a hint of the idea in Ruth Montgomery’s The Search for the Truth.  She, an early psychic who received information by automatic writing from “Guides,” says that we were sparks sent out from God, gradually to find our way back.  And some went farther than others, and needed more time and help to return.  In ACOL, Jesus is saying that our rebellion from God was chosen mutually by Him and us.

Certainly this concept makes sense in light of the surrounding passages, most of which are presented in this blog.  God is the divine spark within, and our real will is the same as His Will (an ACIM tenet).  So God could set the limits on our bent to miscreate, particularly in that we cannot destroy ourselves (and this is the “why” of the limits).

Believing that our rebellion was a way to experience the all, we can see that we are, like Ruth Montgomery’s Guides say, sparks of the divine that were sent out from the Center (a paraphrase, and also a metaphor of the Guides).  Some strayed farther than others, and, as Edgar Cayce said, some became entrapped in matter on this earth.  Cayce says that these entrapped souls, the Daughters of Men, needed the Sons of Light to save them.  So souls, led by Jesus, came to earth to rescue those who could not have risen above matter unless others came to their aid.  In a similar fashion, Jesus says in ACIM that he stands at the end, to help us, when we have gone as far as we can toward Awakening.  Then God reaches “down” and rescues us; He takes the final step (an ACIM tenet).  In ACOL this beatific moment is called “Christ-consciousness.”


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to assimilate all of these writings about our ultimate reality into a coherent whole.  There have been hints before that the separation, though illusory, has had effects that have hurt our little selves.  May I leave behind that hurt today; my real Self has not been hurt at all.

May I recognize that, just as God and I chose the separation, together He and I can mend the separation so that we are One again.  My real will is the same as His.  May I use my real will today to accommodate to God’s Will.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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