“Now is the time to leave behind study for imagining, envisioning, and desire.  Now is the time to move out of the time of becoming who you are to the time of being who you are.  (The Treatises of A Course of Love:  ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 9.4)”

Affirmation:  “from becoming to being”


We are constantly encouraged in A Course of Love to leave learning behind.  We have sought our way through much reading, frequently.  There must come an end to all this seeking, and to realize that we do know.  We can still learn, if that is our choice, but most of the time we are bade to let the inner knowing from Christ-consciousness be our guide.  We do not always, in this time, pause to reconsider; we do not have so much trouble making decisions.  We just move with the knowing that what we imagine, envision, and desire is the right pathway.

There is a caveat to all of this.  Many times we may think that we have gone farther along the pathway than we actually have.  Then the ego has a field day.  The ego can lead us astray when we think that it has actually withered away.  The ego is very wily, and it will not easily give up its grip upon us.  After all, we have had eons of conditioning.  So proceed cautiously.  We must be sure that the imagining that we are doing is truly Christ-centered, and not our own little selves that would lead us astray.

Imagining and envisioning are much more effortless ways of living than is intense studying.  What a relief to know that we do not have to continue seeking, that the Answers have been given us!  We can rest in God’s love, and we can live, comfortably and safely, in His arms.

I personally believe that A Course of Love was given to us by Jesus to let us know that there is an end to the seeking that our ego would have us continue to take:  “seek but do not find” (an ACIM tenet).  Let us pray today to have the ego wither away, to be replaced with the knowing that Christ-consciousness affords for us.  May we thank God for this new day in our experience.


Dear Father/Mother,

There is an Answer to all the problems that we think that we perceive.  Actually we have no problems, in Christ’s love, but we often don’t recognize this.  May we recognize this today, as we leave behind the time of learning and move into the time of being.

Thank You for always being there for me in all the days of my life.  I have not always recognized that You have been there, but I do so recognize it today,  My heartfelt gratitude goes out to You.


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