“Learning has had to do with what is perceived.  No longer learning has to do with what is revealed.  Learning has had to do with what is unknown.  No longer learning has to do with what is and can only be known through revelation.  (The Treatises of A Course of Love:  ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 10.11)”

Affirmation:  “‘no longer learning’ means that we know from revelation”


1 – Revelation from God

Revelation is only from God (an ACIM tenet).  This passage suggests that we have now been made ready to receive God’s revelations, and that we do so by leaving behind our search through learning (unless we choose to continue learning, which is also alright, according to Jesus in ACOL).

2 – The Role of Learning

Many of us enjoy learning and therefore will not readily leave it behind.  Teaching and learning are two of the ways that we reach our brothers and sisters.  So there are no hard and fast rules in salvation.

3 – Teaching and Learning

Jesus does indicate elsewhere that those who leave learning behind will go on to create.  Actually teaching is a form of creation, and so the “teaching and learning” that ACIM describes is not far from the truth.  We are reaching our brothers and sisters when we do teach (and learn), and we are also creating a new world through Jesus’s blessing.

4 – Learning through Revelation

Learning through revelation is the easiest and simplest way to learn.  It is effortless, and as long as we are open to God, this type of revelation, once we are ready, will come.  We do not have to reach for it.  But only God can decide when we are ready for revelation.  Revelation is only from God to us, never the reverse.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I stand ready to receive Your revelation today.  May I hold myself in readiness.  May the revelation that You wish to bring me come.

Thank You for being there for me, as always.  I have not always known that You are there, emotionally, but intellectually I have always known.  Help me to “feel” Your presence today.


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