Any Meaning in Nothingness?

ACIM Workbook Lesson 1 – for Saturday, January 1, 2011

Affirmation:  “Nothing I see in this room means anything.”

Selected Passage:

“Notice that the statements [in the lesson] are not arranged in any order, and make no allowance for differences in the kinds of things to which they are applied.  (WB3)”


This is the initial step in the Workbook for Students, though it is stressed elsewhere that only time separates the student from the teacher.  Here we do not, upon first reading A Course in Miracles, understand this lesson.  Later on we find out that projection makes perception (what we project outward from ourselves determines the “dream” of our perception).  And in the beginning we are not projecting reality at all, but a misguided and confused dream that often frightens us.

So nothing that we look at means anything, because it is based on our ego’s (the ego is still strong in us) misperceptions.  We do not yet have vision, which will only come as we are guided by the Holy Spirit into more pleasant dreams (“the happy dreams the Holy Spirit sends,” which come before the real world and God’s reaching down to us and granting us our Awakening).


Dear Father/Mother,

As I begin again to go through the Workbook, may I make the strides in understanding that only You can accomplish in me.  I cannot make progress on my own, for I am wholly dependent upon You.  May I reach for vision today, in this very first lesson.  May I understand that as long as the ego is in command, my perception is flawed.

Thank You.  Be with me throughout this new year, a year that I envision as one of joy, peace, and holiness–in Your company.


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