A Completely Open Mind

ACIM Workbook Lesson 28 – for Friday, January 29, 2011

Affirmation:  “Above all else I want to see things differently.”

Selected Passage:

“You could, in fact, gain vision from just that table, if you would withdraw all your own ideas from it, and look upon it with a completely open mind.  It has something to show you; something beautiful and clean and of infinite value, full of happiness and hope.  Hidden under all your ideas about it is its real purpose, the purpose it shares with all the universe.  (WB43)”


1 – Focus on a Table

This passage echoes the theme of the affirmation for today (today’s “lesson”), and in a very practical way:  a focus on a mere table that may be in your view.  But the passage waxes eloquently also, and this is part of the joy of reading ACIM.  One never knows when beautiful words will just overwhelm:  “something beautiful and clean and of infinite value, full of happiness and hope.”

2 – Happiness and Hope

What does it mean to be full of happiness and hope?  It means that we have opened our hearts to God, that we are listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and, under His guidance, we are living with a loving heart.  What more could we ask in this sometimes difficult world?

3 – Our Days

Of course, not all days will go well.  That is why we often hear ministers say, “Have a great day!”  And this is not just ministers of the gospel.  We also hear our friends say the same thing, especially if we are writing in an e-mail or phoning them early in the day.

4 – Purpose

We need to know the “real purpose” of the table, so to speak, the “purpose it shares with all the universe.”  This is the criteria for the coming of the real world, which is a gift of God in which we recognize that this world dominated by the ego is illusory, and the real world is a vision of what is true.  May this understanding of the “real world” come to us beginning today.  May we thank God for this greater understanding.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I look at the common things around me with new insight today.  May I see ordinary objects as things of beauty.  May I truly see.   I know that vision such as this will not come to me by my own efforts.  It is Your gift.  Thank You.

I would see the real world today.  I know that this request is in line with what You wish for me, and that You will grant me this blessing when I have been made ready.  I know that You would wish that I be ready sooner rather than later.


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