I Invented the World I See

ACIM Workbook Lesson 32 – for Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Affirmation:  “I have invented the world I see.”

Selected Passage:

“Today we are continuing to develop the theme of cause and effect.  You are not the victim of the world you see because you invented it.  You can give it up as easily as you made it up.  You will see it or not see it, as you wish.  While you want it you will see it; when you no longer want it, it will not be there for you to see.  (WB49)”


The “world I see,” at this early stage in the Workbook, is the world that the perception of the ego shows us.  When we are ready to see the ego wither away, we will see another world–a real world, filled with loving images and joyous happenings.

How do we let the ego wither away?  Ask!  Does something that you seem to want to do appear egotistical, even to the uninformed little self?  At all parts of our lives, we have recognized when we have been ruled by the ego, if that ruling has taken the role of egotistical thinking or actions.  This is the simplest definition of the ego and its role in our lives.

The farther along the pathway toward God and Awakening we go, the more we will recognize our egotistical thinking.

The “ego” is more than just egotistical thinking, though.  It is a part of our belief about ourselves (a Text tenet).  We do not have to be afraid of the ego, and this fear would actually enhance the ego–because it thrives on fear.  Also, to analyze the “dynamics” of the ego would be a wrong move (a Text tenet).  The ego approves of its being analyzed by its maker (us), because this affirms its importance and makes it more real in our thinking.  Once being made more real in our thinking, the ego becomes hard to dislodge.

Overlooking the fear thoughts may seem impossible, but help is on the way in the conditions that have brought the fear about (also a Text tenet).  So, with fear dislodged (at least for the moment), we are led into a better world.  This does not mean that we will die, that our Heaven is on the Other Side.  A Course in Miracles can be very literal; clearly this passage (quoted above) means that we will see a better world once we are ready to see that better world.  What a promise this is!


Dear Father/Mother,

I would not see anymore the world that I invented.  I would see the real world–the one that You have saved for me.  I realize that seeing the real world with vision may be very far down the pathway that I am traveling.   And You make the decision when I will see the real world.  But I pray that the seeing of it will be soon!

May I leave egotistical thinking behind.  May I leave all forms of the ego behind, in the sense that my ego is not my Self.  I do not need the part of me that believes that the ego is necessary to my effective living in this world.  I know that actually the reverse is true.  Help me today to live as You would have me live.  Help me to live as Jesus would teach.


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