I Am Entitled to Miracles

ACIM Workbook Lesson 77 – for Friday, March 18, 2011

Affirmation:  “I am entitled to miracles.”

Selected Passage:

I am entitled to miracles.

“Ask for them whenever a situation arises in which they are called for.  You will recognize these situations.  And since you are not relying on yourself to find the miracle, you are fully entitled to receive it whenever you ask.  (WB138)”


Early in the Text, Jesus says that he is in charge of miracles, because he recognizes the miracle-readiness of everyone.   Our own choice about miracles can and probably would be misguided (a Text tenet).  Here we are encouraged to ask for a miracle.  This seems a bold thing to say, but ACIM recommends it, and we are encouraged by much that ACIM says.  We are surprised by the joyous blessings that are ours to receive.

This passage says that we will recognize when miracles are called for.  Perhaps we are not sure about this assertion, but actually our uncertainty may be because we are unaccustomed to believe that our prayers will always be answered.  But they will be; we would even have known this prior to discovering ACIM.  Of course, we learned in growing up that sometimes the answer is “no.”  But Jesus is more positive in this passage.  The miracle will come.  It may not say “yes,” perhaps (an interpretation, not stated in ACIM), but we will be reassured and at peace when we have asked for a miracle and when it has been received.

We are not to rely on ourselves.  This has been the way of the ego, but that way constantly got us into trouble.  We are to rely on the Holy Spirit, the Universal Inspiration.  And God is within, and so we know that He is always available.  Dependence on ourselves is particularly troublesome, because we have been taught this by the world.  But ACIM is different, and we are bade to communicate with God (“commune”–a quote from the Text), and we will find our way Home more quickly than we ever imagined.


Dear Father/Mother,

I know that you realize my need for miracles in my present life.  When times become tough,  I always turn to You and ask for a miracle.  Perhaps this is not misguided.  You always respond with quiet and peace.  My mind and spirit are at rest when you respond with a miracle that eases my disturbed thinking.

Be with me today as I go through the day.  I hope that You will not feel it wrong of me to look for miracles as I walk through the day.  I hope that I will find them; indeed, I know that miracles will be there for me.  Thank You.



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