All the World of Pain = Not God’s Will

ACIM Workbook Lesson 99 – for Saturday, April 9, 2011

Affirmation:  “Salvation is my only function here.”

Selected Passage:

“Your Father loves you.  All the world of pain is not His Will.  Forgive yourself the thought He wanted this for you.  Then let the Thought with which He has replaced all your mistakes enter the darkened places of your mind that thought the thoughts that never were His Will.  (WB178)”


We often, over the years, have blamed God for the wrongs that we see in the world.  In ACIM, Jesus says that nobody who lives here but at some time has thought God cruel.  But such thoughts are miscomprehensions.  God is the good God that we have been taught.  He does not will the mistakes that we make out of free will.  When we learn that our real will and His are the same, then we are on the way to being healed and to living in a healed world.

“All the world of pain is not His Will.”  Let us remember this always.  And then let us lay aside any blame that we have attributed to Him.

The “Thought” is actually a metaphor for the Holy Spirit, the Communicator of God to us, the Holy Inspiration (said in the Text).  We can learn much when we open ourselves to learning from guidance that is true.  May our darkened thoughts subside today; may we see that God did not will the terrible happenings that we see all around us.  He would have us live in a sparkling, lovely world.  And when we recognize that the madness is but illusion, we will forgive Him what He never caused.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I come to understand today, and not to blame You for “allowing” pain and suffering to happen.   We do not have to learn through pain, Jesus tells us.  Only learning through rewards lasts.  May I experience only the lasting today.

This world is sometimes difficult.  But if I keep my mind on Your guidance through the Holy Spirit, I will have a much easier time navigating through my questionings.  Thank You for being there for me, as always.


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