Holy Instant of Release

ACIM Workbook Lesson 227 – for Monday, August 15, 2011

Affirmation:  “This is my holy instant of release.”

“Father, it is today that I am free, because my will is Yours.  I thought to make another will, yet nothing that I thought apart from You exists.  And I am free because I was mistaken, and did not affect my own reality at all by my illusions.  Now I give them up, and lay them down before the feet of truth, to be removed forever from my mind.  This is my holy instant of release.  Father, I know my will is one with Yours.  (WB405)”


Let us ask today for our “holy instant of release.”  This prayer, like all of those in this section of the Workbook, is written with a loving and kind message of Awakening, waiting for all of us.

We have a free will because we recognize that our real will and the will of God are the same.  The Holy Spirit tells us what that real will is; we would be wise to listen to Him.  We live in an illusory world, and so we have made mistakes rather than “sinned.”  This is a departure from the Bible, an important departure in A Course in Miracles.  We can ask that our mistakes be removed, that we be cleansed of all unrighteousness, and we can rest in the assured promise that these mistakes will, in fact, be removed.  We will not be attracted to repeat the same mistake again (though sometimes we will do so), but we would be attracted to that mistake if we regaled ourselves with thoughts that we had sinned.  Misdeeds which we characterize as sin, according to ACIM, have an inherently attracting feature about them.  We may not understand this, but the ego is not honest.  It does not mean us well (an ACIM tenet).

If we would be free of mistakes, we must lay them at the feet of truth, as this passage says.  We would be honest (which actually means “consistent,” according to the Text), and we would eliminate our wrongdoing from our repertoire of words or deeds.  Turn to the Holy Spirit when tempted to do that which we know to be wrong in God’s sight.  Know that our conscience can sometimes mislead us, but the Holy Spirit, if listened to rightly, will never deceive.


Dear Father/Mother,

I would know, today, a holy instant of release.  May I be cleansed of my past mistakes; may I choose aright the next time a decision is called for.  Be with me today as I try to be kind and good to all those whom I meet.

I would not make the same mistakes again, but I know that dwelling on the past is not what You recommend.  My present confidence directs my way, as A Course in Miracles says.  May I live in the present, making plans only when directed to do so by the Holy Spirit.


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