I Am Not Alone

ACIM Workbook Lesson 242 – for Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Affirmation:  “This day is God’s.  It is my gift to Him.”

“I will not lead my life alone today.  I do not understand the world, and so to try to lead my life alone must be but foolishness.  But there is One Who knows all that is best for me.  And He is glad to make no choices for me but the ones that lead to God.

“And so we give today to You.  We come with wholly open minds.  We do not ask for anything that we may think we want.  Give us what You would have received by us.  You know all our desires and our wants.  And You will give us everything we need in helping us to find the way to You.  (WB414)”


The point for all of us is to return to God, knowing that we are One with Him.  As A Course in Miracles makes clear, we did not in actuality separate from God at all; this was part of the illusion in which we live.  But of course we live that illusion, and so, until we have awakened, we think that we are separate.  And we suffer from feeling apart from God.  It is unnatural, as ACIM makes clear, not to communicate with our Creator.  He knows that our channels to Him are closed, and He would awaken those who sleep.  (These are paraphrases from ACIM.)  We would awaken also, if we knew that it were possible.  And it is possible.  We do not know the time nor place, because God Himself reaches down (metaphorically) and lifts us up to Himself.  He makes that decision of timing; we do not.  All of the thrashing about that we might do to bring the time of Awakening in for naught.  The best that we can do is to learn the means, and ACIM gives us those means.  We learn in ACIM that moments of revelation may reveal the end to us, but to get there the means are needed.  And Jesus is carefully explaining the means.

If we would be home in God, we need to commune with Him–and “communing” means prayer.  This is explained in the 50 opening principles of miracles in the Text.  We are communicating with God when we are communing or praying.  Then He knows that we are with Him.  We can imagine that this makes the God within very happy.  Certainly we can know from experience that this communicating with God makes us very happy.  And we are meant to be joyous.  We are not meant to carry solemn faces.  Before we awaken, in order that the Awakening be gentle, we are given the “happy dreams the Holy Spirit brings” (a quotation from the Workbook).  May we come to understand that happiness is not an inferior goal for all of us.  “Saving the world” will not be done by solemnity, though reverence is a  laudable trait.  We must first know salvation ourselves before we will be in a position to heal others.  Otherwise, we are unhealed healers attempting the impossible (a Manual implication).


Dear Father/Mother,

I thank You that since I became a believer, I have realized that I am not alone in all the universe.  This was a very long time ago, now, but there is still much that I am learning.  I am not through with learning yet, as You are not through with creating me as You would have me be.

I still make many mistakes, and I know that as soon as I can forgive myself, and the others in my life forgive, then all is well.  Help me to reduce the number of mistakes that I make.  May I find today a glorious day, spent in Your presence.


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