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This blog considers A Course in Miracles (ACIM), A Course of Love (ACOL, channeled by Mari Perron and viewed by some as a sequel to A Course in Miracles), and similar readings. 

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This blog has short reflections that were inspired by A Course in Miracles.  Because this blog is based on my journal, it is more personally written than anything  in “Blog:  A Course in Miracles & More.”  The book identifies the relationship of self to Self, self to others, and self to God.  The parts are described as follows:  (1) identification of the self; (2) learning through relationships; and (3) returning to our Source.

All book chapters can be accessed individually through a sidebar that gives the chapter titles.



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This blog, also based on A Course in Miracles, gives a personal interpretation of ACIM that concentrates, in three parts, on the following:  (1) the ego as defined by ACIM, (2) special vs. holy relationships, and (3) guidance through the Holy Spirit.

All book chapters can be accessed individually through a sidebar that gives the chapter titles.

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–Celia Hales, Ph.D.

2 Replies to “Welcome. . .from Celia Hales”

  1. Celia, thank you for visiting my blog (Gratiturtle) and leaving words of encouragement as I begin to study A Course in Miracles. Your articles are wonderful, and will certainly help me along the way. Blessings, Wendy

    1. Dear Wendy, I’m glad that my blog can help in some small way. Thank you for the kind words. Send an e-mail to my public e-mail address (celiahales@yahoo.com), if you ever have a question that you would like for me to try to answer about A Course in Miracles. Most cordially, Celia

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