This Day I Choose Perfect Peace

ACIM Workbook Lesson 255 – for Monday, September 12, 2011

Affirmation:  “This day I choose to spend in perfect peace.”

“And so, my Father, would I pass this day with You.  Your Son has not forgotten You.  The peace You gave him still is in his mind, and it is there I choose to spend today.  (WB422)”


Let us follow the affirmation and prayer for today.  Let us spend this day with God in perfect peace.

What would that mean for this day?  It would mean, first of all, a moment-by-moment attention to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  This does not mean that we have to ask what to do at every juncture, because in the Manual Jesus says that this would not be practical, and it is the practical with which we are most concerned.  But we start the day aright, and we end it aright–in communion with God.  When we have asked for guidance as the day begins, we can only recognize that it will be given (a Manual tenet).

Second, it means that we will stay in the peace of God, regardless (and this is a big consideration) of how hectic or stressed the day becomes.  If we get off track, Jesus says that we can always begin the day again (a Text tenet), but there are obvious advantages in saving time by staying on the pathway throughout the day (also a Text tenet).

Third, we forgive ourselves, as well as our brothers and sisters, when we have slipped into egoic thinking.  Unless Awakening is a constant state, the ego has not fully withered away, and we will have mishaps in our thinking, which will lead to mishaps in the larger world.

These three considerations are my own interpretation, and they are not stated precisely like this in ACIM.  But in my own life, these three considerations work for me as I seek to live my holy relationships, as well as turn as many others from special to holy as possible.  Our primary relationship to a “brother” is the main guidance that A Course in Miracles presents.  That relationship is our way home.


Dear Father/Mother,

Today I would ask You for guidance, through the Holy Spirit; for freedom from a too-intense day filled with potential stress; and the will to forgive my brothers and sisters when they (or I) have failed in some way to fulfill the function expected of me.  May I not have expectations of a particular end toward which I wish others to reach me.  May I walk in peace with them and with myself.  May I walk home today.

I would have perfect peace, and this starts with beginning the day with a good mind slant.  May I listen to the guidance that I have asked to receive, and may my day be filled with all good–for others as well as myself.  Be with me today, as always I ask this.

If the day turns stressed, may I realize that I have it in my power to relieve this stress by turning inward, quieting myself in Your presence, and asking for the next right thought or action to take.  May I turn aside stress by the silence in which I will find You.  Thank You for the assurance that I have felt that all is well in a world which You oversee, even though all of us have free will, and sometimes we do foolish and mistaken things.


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