Attempt Not to Find Peace in Murderous Attack

ACIM Workbook Lesson  261 – for Sunday, September 18, 2011

Affirmation:  “God is my refuge and security.”

“I will identify with what I think is refuge and security.  I will behold myself where I perceive my strength, and think I live within the citadel where I am safe and cannot be attacked.  Let me today seek not security in danger, nor attempt to find my peace in murderous attack.  I live in God.  In Him I find my refuge and my strength.  In Him is my Identity.  In Him is everlasting peace.  And only there will I remember Who I really am.

“Let me not seek for idols.  I would come, my Father, home to You today.  I choose to be as You created me, and find the Son whom You created as my Self.  (WB426)”


It is so typical of us to want security above all else, even love.  We especially think that we want security when times are rough in our world.  This passage indicates that our only real need is the relationship that we need to develop with our God.  He is not a magic wand; life does not always run smoothly, even for very saintly people.  But He makes life, regardless of outward circumstances, worth living.  He is there for us, and we recognize His presence (and feel His presence) when we are there for Him.

God wants to communicate with us, according to ACIM.  It is an “unnatural habit” (a Text quotation) not to communicate with God.  He knows that the channels of communication are closed, and He thinks that we sleep and need to be awakened (paraphrases from the Text).  We are in a sleep, according to ACIM, and we need to experience Awakening.  For all of us to experience Awakening may take millions of years.  The separation, according to ACIM, occurred over millions of years as well.

I personally think that the more we seek, the quicker we will be to find.  (This is an interpretation elaborated upon from the New Testament.)  God would have all of us return sooner rather than later.  The world is very weary now (an ACIM tenet), and many of our brothers and sisters see no hope.  It is to us that Jesus would turn to give hope to this world.  He is not limited to A Course in Miracles, of course.  There are many curricula, and each teacher of God teaches in his or her own way.  But together we can realize that we can make a difference.  And one blessing is that we will find ourselves in the process.


Dear Father/Mother,

I would find peace today, not attack.  The fact that attack can seem murderous does give me cause for reflection.  Jesus has said that rage is not unlike a fairly gentle anger.  I would have neither today.  Be with me to ensure that I stay on Your pathway.

May I follow Your guidance.  I sometimes seek to improve on what is already good.  Help me to be contented with the lot in life with which You have so blessed me.  Thank You.


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