Everything I Give I Give Myself

ACIM Workbook Lesson 297 – for Monday, October 24, 2011

Affirmation:  “Forgiveness is the only gift I give.”

“Forgiveness is the only gift I give, because it is the only gift I want.  And everything I give I give myself.  This is salvation’s simple formula.  (WB447)”


1 – Jerry Jampolsky’s Emphasis

Today’s passage is a repetition in many places in A Course in Miracles.  The “everything” that we give are the intangibles, because material things do diminish as they are given away.  Jerry Jampolsky made this clear in Love Is Letting Go of Fear, his very first book on ACIM.

2 – Forgiveness = Answer to All Troubles

Forgiveness is the answer to all of our troubles.  We do not actually need our forgiveness, but in this world we need the practice of forgiveness.  God does not forgive us, because He has never condemned us (a Text tenet).  So in a broken and fractured world, we do need to forgive both ourselves and our brothers and sisters.  This done repeatedly will clear our minds and help us to feel justified before God.  So it is that we give a gift to ourselves, one that we need very much.  It is our way home.

3 – Salvation’s Simple Formula

“This is salvation’s simple formula”:  So says the passage quoted above in Workbook Lesson 297.  If we remember this simple formula, all will go well with others, even if things on some level seem to be falling apart.  We will rise above the terror and find peace that comes straight from God.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I recognize that forgiveness is all that I need and want.  May I recognize that as I give forgiveness to others, it is given to myself.  May the blessings of this simple exchange stay with all of my circle today.

May I recognize that salvation is actually simple, even though the ego would have it hidden in a maze of complexity, thus making it seem hard to achieve.  May I know that salvation is Your gift, only Yours.  And that with You backing me, salvation is always immediate–once we ask for it.

Thank You.


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