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Scribed by Mari Perron.  To order, visit <http://acourseoflove.com&gt;. This review covers all three volumes in the three-volume series:  (1)  A Course of Love; the Complete Course; (2) The Treatises of A Course of Love; and (3) The Dialogues:  Coming to Voice. Review by Celia Hales.  Revised with new title.  Previously published in Miracles magazine (publisher… Continue reading A COURSE OF LOVE: REVIEW II

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God’s Answer Is Some Form of Peace

ACIM Workbook Lesson 359 – for Sunday, December 25, 2011 Affirmation:  “God’s answer is some form of peace.  All pain Is healed; all misery replaced with joy. All prison doors are opened.  And all sin Is understood as merely a mistake.” “Sin is impossible, and on this fact forgiveness rests upon a certain base more… Continue reading God’s Answer Is Some Form of Peace