How Should the Teacher of God Spend His Day?

“To the advanced teacher of God this question is meaningless.  There is no program, for the lessons change each day.  Yet the teacher of God is sure of but one thing; they do not change at random.  Seeing this and understanding that it is true, he rests content.  He will be told all that his role should be, this day and every day. (M40)”

Affirmation:  “I will follow guidance in living this day.”


1 – What Does “Advanced? Mean?

Not all of us are “advanced,” and the workbook lesson that begins on M40 goes on to explain further.  Yet there are many in the Course community now who have studied A Course in Miracles for many years.  They rightfully can be called “advanced.”

2 – No Planning

Knowing that there is nothing in a day that needs to be planned is enormously freeing.  Practical plans may need to be made, and, if so, those plans will flawlessly come into one’s mind at the time of action.  This is the way the guidance of the Holy Spirit works.  While it takes great faith to commit to such a way of life, our new way does not have to be perfect, especially in the beginning.  Mistakes that are given over to the Holy Spirit are easily corrected.  Pause a moment, mentally and emotionally start the day over, and we are once again on the right pathway.

3 – Planning Prompted by the Holy Spirit

We are led to give up planning, unless the planning is prompted by the Holy Spirit.  Planning against contingencies to come is one of three ways that we digress from the pathway (the other two are attack and judgment).  We are actually living in fear when we try, in vain, to predict the future and to make plans because of what we fear.  The ego is in the ascendancy at such times.  And we will learn through the pages of ACIM that the ego, as defined by ACIM, is a part of our belief about ourselves, but it embodies a persona, a false sense of self.  We would know our real Self, the Self who has never left God in a separation that merely seems to have happened.

4 – Safe at Home in God

We are actually safe at home with God.  In this world, we are not often conscious of this truth, because we are living a dream, caught in illusions (ACIM tenets).

5 – Follow Guidance

Ask today to live the program of the day as guidance dictates.  Ask to follow the Holy Spirit.  If not sure that we have accepted the Holy Spirit’s presence within, then ask for Him to enter today.  He will never fail to hear from one of God’s children.


Dear Father/Mother,

I would drop the idea that I am “advanced.”  Years of studying A Course in Miracles mean nothing if we fail to put into practice, consistently, what we have learned.  And I sometimes fail.  I would have You today take me as a new learner, and give me the best that I can hope for today.  I would learn anew, this year, what guidance would have me to do.  And this year I would actually do it.

Be with me as I seek to be flexible in Your hands, following the guidance that I receive moment by moment.  I know that You do not condemn me when I fail, but I would pray not to fail very often today.  In this world, I will always be fallible, but with Your help, I can walk a smooth pathway to You.

Thank You for always letting me sense You in me.


2 Replies to “How Should the Teacher of God Spend His Day?”

  1. Thank you, Suzanne. I do frequently feel guided, and so I can take only some credit for organizing the ideas.

    I love writing this blog, and it is especially heartwarming to find that others appreciate what I spend a fair amount of time doing.

    Thank you for reading!

    Most fondly, Celia

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