Mind Wandering

“You are much too tolerant of mind wandering, and are passively condoning your mind’s miscreations” (T29).

Affirmation:  “I would keep my mind on track today.”


1 – Mind Wandering

This quotation appears early in the Text, in a section designed to help us to overcome fear.  The “miscreations” happen all too frequently when we let our mind wander over our day, our lives, and especially our futures.  Jesus bids us at this point to ask if our choice is in accord with his.  If it is, there will be no fear.

2 – Miscreations Are from the Ego

The miscreations are the things in our world that we “make” from the mind slant of the ego.  We live in misery, alleviated only from time to time, when we let the ego rule.  The ego in this sense is not quite what Freud defined.  It is a part of our understanding of ourselves, and it is regularly leading us away from God to the self-centered impulses of which we are all aware.  The stronger the ego, the more undone it will become as time passes.  This leads directly to an inferiority complex, because we are constantly brought up short to realize that we are not the center of the world, after all.  The ego champions  the illusions in this world, and it, as a part of our belief about ourselves, does not wish us well.  The ego sense that there is another part of us that is opposed to it; this brings up the matter of the Holy Spirit.  Love does not directly fight fear; it simply characterizes fear as untruth.  When we are in a loving state of mind, we are letting the real world speak to us, the world that God created with us in mind.  We do have moments when the ego is not noticeable to us, regardless of how far we still have to walk along the pathway home.

3 – Try to Settle the Mind

This teaching is one of the more difficult to apply in daily life.  Our minds jump around so much that settling the mind down, even in prayer, is difficult.  Cultivating relaxation prior to prayer can be very helpful.

4 – Jesus Is Near

This passage highlights the closeness of Jesus to our lives.  We can even imagine that he holds our hand as we walk along life’s pathway.  This is not idle fantasy, according to the Course (WB120).

5 – Keep the Mind Still

Nobody who has not awakened (meaning the vast majority of us) can eliminate fear entirely.  But following the teachings of the Course, especially passages such as the one cited above, can go a long way toward giving us the peace that we crave.  Try to keep the mind still, and let the Holy Spirit speak.  Over time, if we are patient and practice willingly and often, this stillness in our mind will virtually eliminate “mind wandering.”

6 – Try Praying Aloud

I have found that praying aloud, when alone, is helpful in keeping the mind and heart on track.  We are led to keep a coherent monologue going.  But, of course, prayer is listening as well, and it would be good to enjoy silence and ask God what He wants us to know.  We may then experience an inner knowing that gives us the next right step to make in our day.  We may feel calmer and even happier.  Communion with God is always meant to be peaceful endeavor, though a prayer that comes from struggling with some issue is heard as well.   We need to go with our natural inclinations, as long as they do not hurt another individual.  Mind wandering, believe it or not, can become a thing of the past.


 Dear Father/Mother,

 I would follow my own advice today and pray aloud whenever I am alone.  I thank You that You are inside of me, and that my projections from an ego-oriented mind may “make” a world, but that these miscreations are not real.  May I come to “know” as opposed to “perceive.”  May I see as You would have me see.

 I thank You that Jesus is near.  I do not understand how he can reach out to all of us, but there are many things that I cannot comprehend.  I do have the willingness to step out in regard to this belief.  And thank You for the fact that Jesus holds my hand today as I go about the sometimes meaningless things that I do.  Guide me to do the meaningful things.

 Thank You.


2 Replies to “Mind Wandering”

    1. Dear Mollie,
      Good idea! I do journal a good bit, and I will try your practice. I do write the prayers for each day’s posting at the time of posting.
      Have a good day! Thanks for commenting.
      Fondly, Celia

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