No Needs

“Those who perceive and acknowledge that they have everything have no needs of any kind. (T11)”

Affirmation:  “Help me to recognize that I do have everything.”


1 – All Have “Everything”

We have actually been given everything, just as have our brothers and sisters.  We do not rationally understand this, but we do not have to be slaves of our rational mind.  In truth, everyone has been given everything.  This is one of the philosophical tenets of A Course in Miracles.

2 – What Does This Mean?

What does this mean?  It suggests that even though, temporarily, some of us have less than others, we will be shown the way to more by our brother or sister, who temporarily has more.  Talents will be shared equally in the Kingdom (a paraphrase from ACIM).  We do not have to feel that some talent that we have admired in others, and perhaps enviously wanted, is forever impossible for us.  God takes the long view, and this world is not our home.  We can make good lives for ourselves here, regardless of the difficulties, because Jesus says that there is no challenge to the advanced teacher of God.  Challenge implies doubt, and doubt is impossible for one who is  trusting in a Higher Power.  (Paraphrases from ACIM.)

3 – Challenges Not So Good

Heretofore we have probably believed that challenges were good, that they kept us on our toes (so to speak).  But challenges also kept us uneasy, and we can know that we will success at any task that the Holy Spirit has given us to do.  This does not mean that we will never struggle, because we are fallible, and we may arise from our struggle with greater strength.  But A Course in Miracles counsels us to walk the effortless way, which does not mean that we do nothing.  When we are on the pathway meant for us, life becomes effortless.  And then we sometimes accomplish a great deal, always on the timing that belongs to God.

4 – Our Needs Fulfilled

We do not then have needs that go unfulfilled.  We also have no problems, even though most of us think that life is filled with problems.  We lack nothing, and when we realize this, we will be on our way home.


Dear Father/Mother,

I thank You that I have, along with everyone else, been given everything.  I realize that this is not a statement for our world, but all gifts here are temporary.  Ultimately all talents and all gifts are shared with everyone.  Thank You.

May I realize that You care about my needs.  I fret sometimes, and that is my ego rearing its still-present head.  I would have the ego wither away.  I would not depend on anything of an egotistical nature to mar my life.  And I wish the same for all whom I encounter in any way.

Be with us today if things turn stressful.  So many people are hurting in our world.  Help as much as they will let You to smooth their way.


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