Retain the Love = Lose the Fear

“When everything you retain is lovable, there is no reason for fear to remain with you.  This is your part in the Atonement.  (T35)”

Affirmation:  “retain the lovable”


1 – Love without Fear

Here is the idea that we keep finding again and again in the Course.  When love is complete, fear is abandoned.  We ourselves do this abandoning when we realize that the only reality is that of love.

2 – Eliminate the Wrong

We must discern what is wrong in our lives and seek to eliminate it.  This does not mean that we leave relationships that are difficult, unless our guidance recommends doing so.  But there are numerous bad habits that we would do well to eliminate, and these can be eliminated without reference at all to any other individual.  This does not mean that we embark on a “self-improvement” campaign, for such attempts would almost surely be of the ego.  But it does mean that we prune our waking thoughts, eliminating much of the anxiety by praying it away–or distracting ourselves, or loving another more deeply.   (These suggestions are personal and do not come from ACIM.)  We can become better people, and in no way is this more possible than by following guidance on a moment-by-moment foundation.

3 – Love Leads to Atonement

Love then becomes our way into the Atonement.  Atonement is the shifting of our perception to that of a love-centered world.  The Awakening then follows.

4 – Seek the Guidance of the Holy Spirit

We must ask for the help of the Holy Spirit to retain only what is lovable in our world.  We cannot do this by an ego-centered self, and only the real Self, informed by guidance, can effect this change.  Help me to just allow the ego to wither away.  I do not need it, and nobody in my circle needs it.  May all of us look to You for the fulfillment in living that only You can give.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to retain only what is lovable in this world and worlds beyond.  When I retain only what is lovable, I leave fear behind.  Surely this is motivation.

Help me not to become depressed when my best efforts to follow Your way don’t seem to be enough to rid me of fear.  At these times, help me to turn to You in prayer.  You always calm me right down.  May I realize, anew, that Your eternity and my time are not identical.  And it is only Your eternity that is real.  So there may seem to be a delay in time before love is in the ascendancy, and all is well with my little world.  Help me to be patient, but not to give up hope that love will prevail.  I do know, from my heart, that Your Love will prevail.

May we accept the Atonement for ourselves.  Jesus has said that this is our only real purpose in this world.  So much follows from this acceptance, and we welcome our brothers and sisters with a new, abiding love.


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