An End to Senseless Seeking

“Your willingness to learn is evident or you would not be here.  Yet you learn and then you let the ego come and take all you have learned from you again and still again.  (A Course of Love, P.42)”

Affirmation:  “May my ego be silent today.”


1 – Move beyond the Ego

Jesus is chastising us in a very gentle way in today’s passage.  He is right, of course.  We do learn from A Course in Miracles, and, now, from A Course of Love, and then we don’t move beyond the ego and the ego urges us into poor self-centered thoughts and actions as well as anger and attack.  We must realize that the ego, a part of our belief about ourselves (a definition from A Course in Miracles), is not undone by a frontal attack.  The ego grows strong in strife.  But if we just turn aside, we will find more success in eliminating egoic dictates from our consciousness.  Let us turn aside today.

2 – Still in “Learning” Mode

We are still, in the Preface to A Course of Love, in the “learning” mode.  This learning mode will continue throughout the first volume, which we are considering for a number of months.  Some of what we read is a reconsideration of tenets of A Course in Miracles, and therefore will sound very familiar to us.  But there are new elements, because I believe that Jesus had unfinished business with us following A Course in Miracles, he led to further blessings in A Course of Love.

3 – Why We Need A Course of Love

Perhaps the main reason that we needed A Course of Love is that Jesus saw us still seeking, seeking, and seeking yet again.  He saw us in our confusion, and he sought to clear this confusion up (an ACOL tenet).  We weren’t sure that we had “learned” everything needed, and so kept to our explorations through learning.  After these first and second volumes of A Course of Love are considered, there comes in the third volume a time when Jesus says learning is to cease; we are from here on to observe, to make observation of our surroundings, but not to “learn” in the old-fashioned way.  Let us keep in mind that the early volumes of ACOL are all heading toward this cessation of learning in the old way.  We will eventually need just to stop and to recognize that the glimmerings of Christ-consciousness that come to us will lead the way.

4 – Avoid Needless Seeking

But right now we are at the beginning of the first volume of ACOL.  Let us take heed together, so that we will be ready to stop our needless further seeking  when we have considered all that Jesus now has to tell us.  And we will be blessed indeed.  What a struggle all of our seeking has been!


Dear Father/Mother,

May I realize that A Course in Love is meant to clear up confusion, the endless seeking that even the most astute of students/teachers of A Course in Miracles finds compelling.  May this senseless further seeking end now.  May I know that A Course of Love brings this seeking, this compulsion, to an end.  And may I bring this compulsion to an end in me.

Be with us as we seek to learn in this first volume of A Course of Love.  Some of it is review of ACIM, but not all, because there are new elements–particularly the central place of the heart, to which Jesus appeals.  May we listen to our hearts today as we read and reflect.  May we have a good day as we go about this illusory world.  And, as always, I plea for reality to come soon.  Thank You for listening.


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