Love Welcomed Becomes a Celebration

“What is a dinner party where love is not?  It is merely a social obligation.  But a dinner party where love is welcomed to take its place becomes a celebration.  Your table becomes an altar to the Lord and grace is upon it and the Lord is with you.  (A Course of Love, 11.18)”

renoir - luncheon3
Affirmation:  “I would celebrate with love today.”


1 – Dinners Shared

Every dinner that we share with others can be a celebration, however humble the fare.  I have found that the feeling of love greatly reduces and even eliminates anxiety (a major form of fear), and certainly one time that I feel love is when I have prepared a good dinner and want to share it with my beloved.  May you do the same today.

2 – For Those Lacking

We are led to think of those in our world who lack the necessities of life, including nutritious food.  We are led to do what we can,  out of love rather than obligation, for a contribution that is an obligation is not unlike a dinner party that has no love and is just a social obligation (see today’s passage).

3 – At Home in God

When we celebrate with the expression of love, we are at home in God.  We can imagine that He joins us in such celebrations, as Jesus herein tells us.  When we celebrate holidays, there is sometimes a great deal of tension, because our family members carry old wounds that have festered into resentments.  So we are tense, and they are tense, and we just want to get it over with.  I myself come from a small family, and these dynamics were not a part of my experience.  (This is one of my blessings.)  But even where these dynamics are present, a truly loving atmosphere can be encouraged.  Let us never give up on this encouragement.

4 – An Altar to God

Our dinner table becomes an altar to God, for Jesus tells us this.  Certainly this reminds us of the Passover dinner that Jesus celebrated with his disciples before the crucifixion.  Let us remember that Jesus loved deeply, and it is especially instructive that he would use the example of a meal that is filled with love and becomes an altar to the Lord.


Dear Father/Mother,

May my meals today be celebrations with love.  May this humble and everyday occurrence for everyone be the celebration of love that it might be when we think of God.
May I think of those who have needs, and may I in some way seek to assuage that need.  Let us give to those who are without.  And may the love that we have for our loved ones also reach out to those in need in our world.


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