Banding Together against Fear Makes Fear Real

“Loyalty stems here from your faith in fear and all from which you need protection.  To belong to a loyal group, a family or community of supporters, is seen as necessary for your safety.  While many of you do not have this, you strive for it, and its attainment has been the cause of much suffering in your world.  This banding together for support against fear simply makes fear real, and the seeming cause for loyalty essential.  (A Course of Love, 15.8)”

Affirmation:  “I would seek God’s protection only.”

camille-monet-and-her-son-jean-in-the-garden-at-argenteuil-renoir-large - renoir


1 – Growing Older

When we grow older, often we harbor secret fears that we will die alone and friendless.  We think that we need to bind ourselves to family or friends as a way to hold off the darkness.

2 – Fear of Being Alone

These fears only reinforce the basic fear of being alone.  And this fear is what the ego has done to us.  We thought that we wanted separation from God, independence when we were strong and healthy, but when bad days come we want protection above all.  Is this any way to live a life?  A life in fear of what may come?

3 – Faith

Neither A Course in Miracles nor A Course of Love says much about faith.  Faith is simply assumed, for we are told in ACIM that the Universal Inspiration, the Holy Spirit, will protect us; and we are told in ACOL that Christ-consciousness will offer all that we might want in this life and the life beyond.  We are meant to commune with God.  We are told that we have taught ourselves the unnatural habit of not communicating with our Creator, and He knows that His children sleep, and need to be awakened (ACIM paraphrases).  He knows that His channels are closed (ACIM tenet), and He would reopen communication with us as willing recipients of His guidance.

4 – The Future

Do not waste one moment in fear of what the future brings.  God has never failed to provide, regardless of what dangers we have lived through, or what disasters we have experienced.  Sometimes those of us who have suffered the most are actually the most grateful to God for the life that they have lived.  So know that He is always watching over us, as little children are told.  We have not outgrown the need to know that God Himself looks out for us and looks over us.


Dear Father/Mother,

It sounds counterintuitive to say that we don’t need to bank together for safety.  But You are the only safety that I need, the only safety that I want.  Help me to know that I will always be safe, regardless of how alone I might be.  You are there.  And that is all that I need to know.

Be with us as we form true bonds with other people.  These will be bonds of service, not use of other people.  We do not need to form bonds out of fear of the unknown, but because we love one another.  And that is all that we need to do–just love one another.  And then Your protection is readied.

Thank You.


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