There Is Nothing Outside of Me

“Here, rest comes to weariness and gently lays it aside.  Time has ended and there is nothing you must do.  Being replaces identity and you say, I am.  I am, and there is nothing outside of me.  Nothing outside of the embrace.  (A Course of Love, 20.9)”

monet - field with woman and childAffirmation:  “There is nothing outside of me.”


1 – “There Is Nothing Outside of Me”

I puzzled over this quotation from A Course in Miracles for a long, long time.  What does it mean?

2 – Part of God

A teacher in a group discussion once explained it as saying that we encompass all.  And I think that she was close to the meaning.  We are the All, the One.  The nearest symbol that I have is the hologram, where every part is seen in each part.  God is the All, but we are a part of God (according to ACIM and ACOL).

3 – The Embrace

When we need to have reassurance, comfort, or release, here is a place to find it.  This place is within the embrace of Jesus and of the universe(s).  We feel rest from weariness, and we lay aside our weariness.

4 – “I Am that I Am”

When we are saying “I am,” then we are close to God’s pronouncement in the Bible, “I am that I am.”  We are trying to replace being, or God, with our personal, egoic identity.  And we are coming close to doing that.

5 – Rest

“Time has ended and there is nothing you must do.”  Certainly those of us who have worked long and hard at our jobs, with our families, with the community and world of which we are a part, may come to understand this passage as an invitation to take a much-needed rest.  Our work hereafter will be effortless (an ACOL tenet).  We will feel contentment, tranquility, and joy.

And we will feel love.


Dear Father/Mother,

Please help me to understand that there is nothing outside of me.  We are the All, and we are part of You.  These are deep mysteries, and I am puzzled.

Help me to get through this day well.  It promises to be a difficult day, and I need Your help.  


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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