Everything Must Pass Through You to Gain Reality

“Yet it is the passing through that creates the intersection.  Everything within your world and your images_081day must pass through you in order to gain reality.  While you might think of this as everything outside of yourself, please, when thinking of this, use the word I have provided:  everything within your world.  (A Course of Love, 22.9)”

Affirmation:  “I would gain reality today.”


1 – “Pass Through”

The passage for today is a particularly difficult concept to grasp.  Basically, the passage (with the surrounding ones) is saying that we “pass through” the reality that we see, both in ourselves and in our surroundings, the whole universe.  We do not take anything and grasp it to ourselves.  That would solidify the experience, the last thing that we want.

2 – Let Go and Let God

Passing through is a concept that allows us to let go and let God, a traditional concept that many of us have heard for a long time.  When things pass through us, we do not hold tightly to that which hurts.  We just let it in and out.  The same holds true for joy and happiness, along with the pleasures that come with both.  We just entertain the good thoughts, and then we let go.  And we are the better for not grasping to retain the good feeling that joy and happiness give us.  There will be more days of joy and happiness.

3 – Observation

We do not need to struggle over this concept.  It is one of the concepts that we learn from observation, not from traditional learning.  Trying to grasp the concept with the mind will only make it more elusive.  Just “listen” with the heart.  Then the key ingredient–not holding on–will become evident.

4 – Reality

We would gain reality today, but the true reality, not the illusions in which we have been caught for so long.

5 – Look Inside Also

We need to look inside as well, because the intersection includes our own inner experiences.  We must pass through those in order to emerge stronger on the other side of whatever difficulties assail us.  We must pass through this world, including our own place in it, to understand that passing through is what we are doing.  We are not “stuck” here.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to understand the concept for today.  May I see that I relax into the world, and then let what I see pass through me without resistance.  To resist is to hold on to the wrong thing.  May I allow true reality to get a toehold in me today.

May I also look within, and may I change those things that inhibit.  We need to be fully Yours in order to be of service to others.  I would choose to say only what is in accord with what You have taught me.  Don’t let my ego, the withered ego that has still not dissipated, to intrude today.


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